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Per Diem Archive: P. Conneally, February 2020, Sickness

Per Diem haiku on the theme of 'Sickness' as selected by Paul Conneally.

Author: George Hawkins
tattered lightsail
our hails to your system
lost to the wind
Author: Francine Porad
hospital vigil
the imperceptible shift
of clouds
Author: Elizabeth St Jacques
home from hospital
spinning the bicycle wheel
just for its sound
Author: Chiyo Ni
lies within the listener
a cuckoo’s call
Author: William J. Higginson
fireworks crashing
                and fireflies so silent . . .
                tomorrow the biopsy
Author: Alan Summers
ill all day...
a crime novel
in both rooms
Author: Francine Porad
silenced by a stroke her hateful tongue
Author: Marlene Mountain
even in spring underlying melancholy
Author: Kusatao Nakamura
along with spring leaves
my child's teeth
are emerging
Author: Yatsuka Ishihara
gelled broth . . .
always in my chest
the sound of wind
Author: Peggy Willis Lyles
Reaching for green pears–
the pull
of an old scar
Author: Alan Summers
Cat moon
my wife ill 
with posset
Author: Karen Hoy
difficult day
the rice lid rocks
from side to side
Author: Jane Reichhold
a quarter moon
wearing this white cast
I'm not worth 2 cents
Author: Ishibashi Hideno
chapped hands
and no rice -- I weep
with a monkey's face
Author: Enomoto Seifu
a butterfly grown old
its spirit plays in
the chrysanthemums
Author: Jack Kerouac
August moon - 
oh I got a boil
On my thigh
Author: Paul David Mena
waning moon --
my mother pretends
to know who I am
Author: Nick Virgilio
into the blinding sun . . .
the funeral procession's
glaring headlights
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