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Per Diem Archive: J. B. Kelsey, January 2020, SciFaiku

Per Diem haiku as selected by Julie Bloss Kelsey on the theme of Science Fiction Haiku.

Author: George Swede
shadows out of
their bodies
Author: Robin Anna Smith
hare in the moon jumping double dutch
Author: J. E. Stanley
bleached bones
orbit the sun—
Icarus in flight
Author: John W. Sexton
deep Martian aquifer—
a mollusk congress debates
the myth of stars
Author: Greg Schwartz
abandoned nursing home
the mahjong tiles
still move
Author: Kelly Sauvage Angel
a draught of the lone dragon's sorrow     morning mist
Author: Ali Znaidi
torrential rain...
an errant UFO perches 
on her umbrella
Author: David J. Kelly
panic buying
no more shopping days
‘til Armageddon
Author: Dee Wallace
the council bans gifting
other people’s moons
Author: David Boyer
teeth of ferns still whispering lies about the Cretaceous
Author: Bouwe Brouwer
deep space at the end of my sentence a blue dot.
Author: Joshua Gage
her smile widens
to a ring of fangs
Author: Joanne Morcom
meteor shower
wondering if it came
from my home planet
Author: Lori A Minor
his tinder selfie
a little too blurry—
Author: Susan Antolin
night sky
one of those stars might be
the reset button
Author: Tom Sacramona
silent jump
out of the old pond
to light speed
Author: David C. Kopaska-Merkel
printing our children
on the new colony world
file not found
Author: teri santitoro
zero-g face lifts
everyone looks young
in space
Author: M. Kei
beyond the world's edge
the flickering lanterns drift
one by one by one
Author: Jonathan Roman
the watchful eyes
of her ingredients
witch’s brew
Author: Joanne Merriam
alien tourists
the locals roll their eyestalks
at our loud English
Author: Deborah P Kolodji
Mount Vesuvius 
the broken gear 
on the time machine
Author: Tom Brinck
a scientist examines 
zombie limbs
Author: Terrie Leigh Relf
attempting to align
parallel universes
leap year
Author: Tiffany Shaw-Diaz
a moment alone
with my ancestors
Author: John J. Dunphy
the alien’s language
lacking a word
for war
Author: Billy Antonio
first time away from home metallic snow
Author: Christina Sng
meteor shower
how we were
Author: Susan Burch
fetching the bones 
of the first colonists—
Mars rover
Author: LeRoy Gorman
aster than the speed of lightf
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