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Per Diem Archive: R. Kania December 2019, Water

Haiku selected on the theme of 'water' by Robert Kania.

Author: Don Baird
ocean ripples
the shape of wind
Author: Ludmila Balabanova
sleepless night   dewdrops on the weeds
Author: Goda V. Bendoraitiene
the day’s catch... 
trapped in fishing nets
fleeting sunset
Author: Marta Chocilowska
rainy season
in the bride's bouquet
a seed sprouts
Author: Rosa Clement
stormy night
my umbrella gets home
before I do
Author: Irina-Ana Drobot
morning dew - 
my cat's eyes
asking to come in
Author: Nikolay Grankin
spring rain
out of itself
a garden snail
Author: John Hawkhead
upon reflection
the diving duck disappears
right into itself
Author: Arvinder Kaur
origami skiff -
a piece of my childhood 
sails away
Author: Isabella Kramer
all my wishes
upside down
Author: Shrikaanth Krishnamurthy
flash floods... 
she carries her world
in a basket
Author: Natalia Kuznetsova
flooded village... 
a boy on the cottage roof
clutching his puppy
Author: Ajaya Mahala
still pond
I sabotage the moon
with a stone
Author: Martha Magenta
sea breeze...
I breathe in
your accent
Author: John McManus
summer’s end
wringing the ocean
from her hair
Author: Anna Maris
murky water
on the bridge railings
rusted love locks 
Author: Anna Mazurkiewicz
autumn –
a young janitor sweeps
yesterday's rain
Author: Dorota Pyra
after tsunami 
a surplus 
of emptiness 
Author: Cynthia Rowe
neap tide
the old fisherman harvests
moon crystals 
Author: Keith A. Simmonds
a sudden downpour:
umbrellas mushrooming
upon the boulevard
Author: Valeria Simonova-Cecon
rain in the puddle
I have nothing to give
to the street musicians 
Author: Sandra Simpson
dull day -
the way a raindrop
runs down the banana leaf
Author: Rachel Sutcliffe
flood tide
covering the sand
with stars
Author: Irena Szewczyk
boundless fog
from the other shore returns
only the carrier
Author: Zuzanna Truchlewska
big puddle
my son's first step
on the moon 
Author: Maria Tomczak
rainy season
the sky pours 
into my shoes
Author: Anitha Varma
summer showers...
I taste the salt of a
distant sea 
Author: Đurđa (Djurdja) Vukelić-Rožić
off the stone
drop by drop the sea returns
to the sea
Author: Julie Warther
open lotus
a pond makes room 
for the rain
Author: Quendryth Young
all eyes 
wide open
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