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Per Diem Archive: P.K. Padhy, November 2019, Celestial Bodies

Poems selected by Pravat Kumar Padhy on the theme of Celestial Bodies.

Author: Jim Kacian
out beyond the lit night sky meteor belief
Author: Johannes S. H. Bjerg
recharging the Limbic system I bark at Canis Minor
Author: Helen Buckingham
stop press methane on mars has legs
Author: Brendon Kent
dark matter the dreams i cling to
Author: Alan Summers
snow on the sun navigating childhoods
Author: Sonam Chhoki
where roads end    the Milky Way
Author: Anna Cates
warm night my pocket full of stars
Author: Alegria Imperial
Venus rising a shore behind your ear
Author: Anna Maris
super beginning and end nova
Author: Sandi Pray
bare trees black against the stars falling into
Author: Ernest Wit
a cloud passing through the moon passing through a cloud
Author: Stephen Toft
deep winter my son invents new constellations
Author: Michael Dylan Welch
from horizon to horizon the milky way
Author: Hifsa Ashraf
northern lights I reveal the galaxy within
Author: Debbie Strange
a curl of eyelash on your pillow crescent moon
Author: Kala Ramesh
distant stars in constellation a child in view
Author: Shloka Shankar
typecast as a verb the moon tonight
Author: Deborah P Kolodji
in spite of your silence the birth of stars
Author: Michael Rehling
the forest disappears into itself new moon
Author: dl mattila
falling in love under the stars over the moon
Author: Melissa Allen
the moons of Jupiter this is a life I didn’t know existed
Author: Marianne Paul
caterpillars leaf-lacing the universe black holes and worm holes
Author: Don Baird
her curves in the hands of the moon
Author: Lee Gurga
between wound and weapon the milky way
Author: Robert Kingston
space dust another term for static
Author: Ken Sawitri
the farmers in the core of the sun are butterfly wings in rain
Author: Michael Nickels-Wisdom
planets around their campfire in the cold
Author: Florin Golban
climbing on the roof the lilac branches punching the moon
Author: Mark Gilbert
a new galaxy the back of my eyeball
Author: Jim Wilson
pine incense placed upon a cliff between Andromeda and Saturn
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