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Per Diem Archive: A. Maris October 2019, Death

Poems for the Anna Maris' collection on the theme of 'death'.

Author: Jörgen Johansson
first snow
a stranger at
my parent’s grave
Author: Freddy Lundgård
black swan
holds mother’s shadow
in the emptiness
Author: Elliot Nicely
death takes two
pieces of candy
Author: Elmedin Kadric
driving home
nobody to hold
the ashes
Author: Iréne Carlsson
her funeral
through the church window
streaks of winter sun
Author: Jan Benson
adobe walls at dusk 
crickets knit the names 
of the lost
Author: Michael Smeer
camp memorial
my warm pebble settles 
on granddad's name
Author: Lori A Minor
butterfly effect
I survive
my attempt
Author: Marta Chocilowska
her first journey
Author: Alan Summers
house clearance
room by room
my mother disappears
Author: Julie Warther
winter wren
the unmarked grave
I know is here
Author: Johannes S. H. Bjerg
'nough said about death let's make it happen
Author: Tia Haynes
mother’s passing
how I found
my voice
Author: Jennifer Hambrick
waning autumn
every good bone
goes back to the earth
Author: Ed Bremson
autumn night
the death of a star
in the sea
Author: Rachel Sutcliffe
funeral over
my shadow
walks alone
Author: Tomislav Maretić
at the cemetery
by moonlight… talking
with shadows
Author: Stuart Quine
Samhain as silent as her shadow a cat slips through church railings
Author: Chad Lee Robinson
my brother’s gravestone
under the moss a darkness
that won’t come off
Author: Robert Witmer
distant thunder
the names of our ancestors
sink back into stone
Author: Ola Lindberg
last will
grandmother’s directions
to the mushroom spot
Author: Th Vandergrau
alone on a bench
in the memorial grove
I listen to voices
Author: Eva Jonsby
the rain showers
a silent minute
Author: Disa Sverredal
family night
the cat swiftly
kills a fly
Author: Helga Härle
grave among
graves snowdrifts
among snowdrifts
Author: Frank Williams
moving in day
my front door closes
on yesterday’s ghosts
Author: Birk Andersson
I visit 
future neighbours
Author: Caroline Skanne
bluebell woods you left too early
Author: Ralf Bröker
snowflake in my hand
if I was dead
it would stay
Author: Kala Ramesh
spring breeze –
  I catch the tune
she leaves behind
Author: Stephen Bailey
last rites -
I watch her eyes
let go of me
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