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Per Diem Archive: M.Pillai, September 2019, Day Moon

Haiku selected for Per Diem by Madhuri Pillai.

Author: Robbie Coburn
day moon-
the thud of hooves
across the paddock
Author: Samar Ghose
day moon
flatlined, mother’s hand still
warm in mine
Author: Simon Hanson
full moon
befriending a crow
and the crow me
Author: Elizabeth Crocket
day moon
the coyote’s eyes
not shining
Author: Lorin Ford
day moon
the dish rag
wearing thin
Author: Gowtham Ganni
in foreign land
     suddenly an old friend
day moon
Author: Rob Scott
day moon
her first
white lie
Author: Kanchan Chatterjee
day moon...
the road sweeper doesn’t 
look at the blossoms
Author: Gillena Cox
crossing the street
the day moon
on my right
Author: Takanori Hayakawa
she doesn’t know
I love her —
day moon
Author: Ron C. Moss
day moon
a fresh tattoo rises
out of her jeans
Author: Jayashree Maniyil
the bulge 
of her full term belly...
morning moon
Author: Julian O'Dea
feeding her baby
on the bench...
day moon
Author: Robyn Cairns
playground tower
my toddler points up
at the moon
Author: Mihovila Čeperić-Biljan
autumn morning
the moon disappears
in the swallow’s beak
Author: Kala Ramesh
day break...
stars abandon 
the moon
Author: Christina Chin
lantern festival 
on a three-tiered tray
day moon
Author: Marisa Fazio
kite surfing
a swarm of crescent moons
fills the blue sky
Author: Malintha Perera
day moon 
her face
without makeup 
Author: Karen Hoy
a wisp of day moon
the stand-out blue
of Viper’s Bugloss
Author: Janet Howie
morning moon—
the white fishing boat
slowly disappears
Author: Stanford M. Forrester
day moon —
the poem sounded better
last night
Author: Padma Thampatty
day moon
the glittering bindi
on a bride’s forehead
Author: Matthew Caretti
day moon
half in the pond
in the sky
Author: K. Ramesh
thin moon...
the pilgrim’s belongings
in a small bag
Author: Natasha Adams
day crescent moon
a witjuti grub
Author: Iqra Raza
morning rush barely noticed the moon
Author: Gracy Judith D’Souza
morning moon —
the hope of her return 
still large in his eyes
Author: Samantha Sirimanne Hyde
walking the dogs
all these stops and starts moon 
Author: Lech Szeglowski
still naked
at the nude beach —
day moon
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