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Per Diem Archive: Sondra J. Byrnes, August 2019, Birthday

Haiku selected by Sondra J. Byrnes about birthdays.

Author: Alexis K. Rotella
49th birthday —
I send myself
a dozen roses
Author: John J. Dunphy
60th birthday
my cat brings me
a dead mouse
Author: Carole MacRury
60th birthday —
a bird whistles
from the hedge
Author: Bruce Ross
65th birthday
the curtains in and out
with ocean wind
Author: Robert Epstein
80th birthday
almost all her potted plants
still in bloom
Author: Jim Kacian
80th birthday
the wrinkled balloon
next morning
Author: Mark E. Brager
another birthday
her cesarean scar
still tender
Author: Steve Hodge
another birthday
opening a new bottle
of baby aspirin
Author: Christopher Patchel
another birthday
worn soles
on my dancing shoes
Author: Scott Mason
another birthday I blow out the pyre
Author: Carolyn Hall
“big birthday”
beets from the back row
a little woody
Author: LeRoy Gorman
birthday alone
one clown
too many
Author: Michael Ketchek
birthday morning
poking in the fireplace
for a few embers
Author: Peter Newton
birthday roses
adding the packet
that keeps them alive
Author: Michael Dylan Welch
busy Italian restaurant —
happy birthday
sung to the wrong table
Author: Ruth M. Yarrow
his thirteenth birthday —
a deeper-sounding squirt
in the toilet bowl
Author: Bill Cooper
rubbing oil
into the baseball glove
birthday snow
Author: Zee Zahava
in daddy’s fedora
and her own pink tutu —
sister’s sixth birthday
Author: Susan Constable
windswept waves
I spread the icing
on her birthday cake
Author: Lee Gurga
49th birthday
the first scratch
on my new bifocals
Author: Charles Trumbull
changeable weather;
her birthday the same
as Nostradamus
Author: Randy Brooks
coconut cream pie —
the birthday candle
starts to slant
Author: Carol Raisfeld
96th birthday …
he says it's wonderful
no peer pressure
Author: Deborah P Kolodji
birthday candles
the sum of years flickers
on gathered faces
Author: Lew Watts
eighteenth birthday —
our son graduates
to two syllables
Author: Charlotte Digregorio
fiftieth birthday …
in my flower bed
pulling weeds
Author: Hannah Mahoney
for a moment
her birthday candles
in the dark
Author: Fay Aoyagi
I always count
in my native tongue —
Buddha's Birthday
Author: Madhuri Pillai
poet’s birthday
we fumble with our words
Author: Bill Pauly
rainy birthday …
I lower
my standards
Author: Shloka Shankar
rehashing my wish birthday candles
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