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Per Diem Archive: D.Read, June 2019, Parents and their kids

Per Diem haiku that were selected by Dave Read for June 2019.

Author: Roland Packer
finger puppets... 
my daughter asks me
what's a soul
Author: Louisa Howerow
windswept cemetery
a child burrows 
into her mother's skirt
Author: Sondra J. Byrnes
mother's day 
the long silence 
between us
Author: Terri L. French
my eldest son’s birthday 
trying to recall
his little boy voice
Author: Chad Lee Robinson
rustle of corn leaves— 
fitting my son
for a new ball glove
Author: Alan Summers
house clearance
room by room by room
my mother disappears
Author: Kala Ramesh
temple arch 
a child on her papa's shoulders
rings the bell
Author: Chen-ou Liu
New Year's beach stroll...
walking in the footsteps
of my child
Author: Debbi Antebi
my mother's palm — 
the lines of a future 
she wants me to have
Author: Gregory Longenecker
the dead of night
my father wanders
through my dreams
Author: Patrick Sweeney
dad's last summer
between us a complete understanding
of baseball
Author: John Hawkhead
another game show
my mother settles down
into her shadow
Author: Lew Watts
eighth day …
I blow mum’s skin
from the pumice stone
Author: Michael Blaine
surprise party
my father discusses
final directives
Author: Jessica Malone Latham
striking a match
dad tells stories of
his new family
Author: Claire Vogel Camargo
bend in the breeze
mom’s resilience
Author: Michael O'Brien
since my son’s birth the unopened whiskey
Author: Brendon Kent
mother’s walk
we wander through
each other
Author: Jim Kacian
spring afternoon
a mother licks blood
from her child’s finger
Author: Grace Galton
my child enters
the night sky
Author: Bruce H. Feingold
haiku dad
I help my daughter trim
her college essay
Author: Nicholas Klacsanzky
father and I
build a bonfire
lost sparks
Author: Steve Hodge
divorce final
our son learning
long division
Author: Myron Lysenko
a chance to beat my father
at chess
Author: Marion Clarke
early dusk . . .
my children’s footsteps
fill the stillness
Author: Charlotte Digregorio
my old mother tends daisies
telling stories about
my childhood
Author: Aparna Pathak
city fair...
my loosening grip
on father's finger
Author: John McManus
old comic books 
my son meets the boy
I used to be
Author: Annette Makino
family dinner
our teen speaks
in hashtags
Author: Debbie Strange
the droop
of mother’s smile
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