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Per Diem Archive: A. Kaur April 2019 Punjabi-language haiku

Per Diem haiku that were selected by Arvinder Kaur

Author: Charan Gill
cool breeze  -
 again the dark clouds
pass without rain
Author: Surinder Spera
earthquake -
an incense stick burns
near the broken idol
Author: Gurmukh Bhandohal Raiawal
around my mother’s cot -
dark night
Author: Sandip Chauhan
in a grain of wheat
a farmer's song
Author: Aurora Geet
the happy song of a hill belle
in an apple orchard
Author: Harleen Sona
summer night -
the shine of spangles
on gran's fringed hand fan
Author: Amrao Singh Gill
sunrise -
a spider weaves a new web
on the old crevice
Author: Jaspreet Kaur Parhar
spring breeze...
children catch puppet shadows
on the wall
Author: Jagraj Singh Dhudike
homecoming -
an empty chair gathers dust
at the entrance
Author: Harvinder Dhaliwal
cold breeze -
the rosy hue of sunset
on father’s spectacles
Author: Anoop Babra
summer sea…
the silver sands come home
with my feet
Author: Dilpreet Chahal
trampled flowers cover
the temple path
Author: Amanpreet Pannu
lilacs in bloom…
a sparrow answers 
the old man’s call
Author: Sanjay Sanan
ripening mangoes -
the nightingale’s song
sweeter than ever
Author: Gurpreet Mansa
moonlit night -
a scarecrow's outstretched arm
beckons me
Author: Nirmal Brar
constant rain -
the trees descend deep
into water
Author: Ranjit Singh Sra
village pond -
the dance of temple lights
to a frog’s song
Author: Darbara Singh Kharaud
grandma’s portrait -
the journey of a hundred years
etched on the face
Author: Gurmeet Singh Sandhu
first day at school -
the little girl brings raindrops
home on her satchel
Author: Bamaljit Kaur Mann
onset of autumn -
the notes of a flute
with the rustle of leaves
Author: Rajinder Singh Ghuman
sunset -
the moon behind the rosy clouds
a shade whiter
Author: Gurwinder Singh Sidhu
december morning –
catching the rising smoke
with little hands
Author: Amarjit Sathi
hot summer noon
a butterfly fans the flowers
with its wings
Author: Inderjit Singh Purewal
caravan -
footprints and dust
left behind
Author: Dalvir Gill
lawn sprinkler -
the birds hop
in circular rain
Author: Sweg Deol
warm breeze -
  my dead mother's photo
in father's prayer book
Author: Surmeet Maavi
white rose -
the gardener's crooked nail
peeps through his shoe
Author: Rajwant Bajwa
clear skies -
moonbeams twinkle
on the sea waves
Author: Deepi Sair
incessant rain –
a dusty sparrow adjusting feathers
with its beak
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