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Per Diem Archive: S.Pray March 2019, The Taste of Melancholy

the taste of melancholy . . .


Melancholy - ‘A feeling of thoughtful sadness.’

- Princeton University


on a bare branch

a crow is perched

autumn evening

- Matsuo Basho


Who among us has not had these moments - the aftertaste of loss, loneliness, illness, aging, regret or a night bird’s cry? Haiku has given us a way to touch, to see, to feel, to taste the thought of sadness with very few words.

Throughout history poets have helped us know that alone . . we are not alone.

- Sandi Pray

Author: Dave Read
autumn dusk
we sit in the darkness
of each other
Author: Ron C. Moss
charred cedars
how cold the white
of early snow
Author: Ben Moeller-Gaa
valentine’s day
the warmth of old love letters
in the fire
Author: Elizabeth Alford
silver bells . . .
strands of moonlight
in mother’s comb
Author: Stephen Bailey
in between flashes
the presence of trees
no longer there
Author: Jim Kacian
whisky i sip it till it loves me
Author: Terri L. French
January . . .
loneliness knitted
into a scarf
Author: Cara Holman
hospice ward
the click of the door
behind me
Author: Alan Summers
drifting rain
a hundred autumn rooms
to be alone
Author: Claire Everett
first light
a year after your death
Author: Robin White
grey day
the granite walls
of the cloistered garden
Author: Tzetzka Ilieva
winter blues
i pour saffron water
over rice
Author: Tom Clausen
another autumn
the two of us
less visible
Author: William Zote
late autumn
i learn how to fall 
with grace
Author: Marta Chocilowska
her first journey
Author: Hifsa Ashraf
winter solitude  
the patterns of snow 
on a cracked window
Author: Ed Bremson
her white chrysanthemums
also died
Author: Angie Werren
first hint
of the storm
my call goes to voicemail
Author: John Stevenson
your august
my august
barely touching
Author: Michael Rehling
if a poet
is anybody...
waves on a winter shore
Author: Michael Henry Lee
solitary frog
a world of uncertainty
the shape of water
Author: Ferris Gilli
another friend dead . . .
a boy pours tadpoles
into the stream
Author: Gregory Longenecker
i wake to the smell
of someone’s sorrow
Author: Rita Odeh
white flowers from
the open window
Author: Anne Elise Burgevin
just when life seems
to make sense
hummingbird eggshell
Author: Bob Lucky
quiet morning no slug at the end of the slug’s trail
Author: Tim Gardiner
not seeing you grow up bluebell
Author: Roberta Beary
mother’s day
a nurse unties
the restraints
Author: Peter Lindsey
listening to the grey
between piano keys
. . . late october
Author: Alexis K. Rotella
late autumn
the butterfly lands
on what’s left
Author: Brendon Kent
how fragile
our eggshell mind -
moon on water
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