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Per Diem Archive: S. Shankar December 2018, Colour

Per Diem: Daily Haiku for December 2018: Colour

Wassily Kandinsky noted, “Color is a power which directly influences the soul.” Can you imagine a world without colour? Modern haiku would be quite drab without the rich hues that populate it every now and then. They are indicators of mood, a balm for sore eyes, an escape into fancy, and often a way of responding to nature and our surroundings. What does colour taste like? How does it feel on your skin? What sensations does it evoke? Whom/what does it look like? This winter, 31 poets explore the nuances of colour and synaesthesia in an attempt to keep the bleakness of the season at bay.

Author: Kala Ramesh
cerulean river quickening my heartbeat
Author: Elmedin Kadric
blue for now what tarries beyond a song
Author: Michael Rehling
the iris in my eyes open wider the fading colors of sunset
Author: Mark Gilbert
my favourite colour nothing is my middle name
Author: Tim Murphy
green ink mountain lake where the dream healing is
Author: Sondra J. Byrnes
than i believe in
this full moon
Author: Jan Benson
a whisper of lipstick speaking tomes
Author: Susan Beth Furst
cobalt blue bottle
her evening 
in Paris
Author: Helen Buckingham
a black way past bible
Author: David J. Kelly
lighting a blue-green touchpaper Cambrian explosion
Author: Marietta Jane McGregor
the translucence
of every white lie —
honesty pods
Author: Susan Burch
pink carnation
you’re gonna love me
in an instant
Author: Geethanjali Rajan
blue gum
I taste a mouthful
of mountain air
Author: Stella Pierides
white light beyond the crucible
Author: Michael O'Brien
banana sweat the sound of a gun 
Author: Alan Summers
crowded train a dozen yellows crackle
Author: Mark E. Brager
blue moon
from the old guitarist
a rain song
Author: Samar Ghose
eatingpotatoskinsonfire :: theorangedgeofnight
Author: Robin Anna Smith
deadline whistles the train red
Author: Stephen Toft
autumn leaves
the colour of my
neighbour’s hens
Author: Ashish Narain
a green shoot 
from Buddha’s nose —
who wants to grow old
Author: Matthew Moffett
after the ultrasound everything in bloom
Author: Tiffany Shaw-Diaz
splitting atoms 
this magenta 
behind words
Author: Christine L. Villa
remembering periwinkle in C sharp
Author: Shobhana Kumar
crayon box no shade yet for my state of mind
Author: Alegria Imperial
malignant doubts tasting of a yolk helium sun
Author: Kyle Hemmings
summertime blues :: holding my breath, exhaling the world
Author: Jim Kacian
on a green day
if there is green
the blue sky if
Author: Sanjuktaa Asopa
breakfast table
the light from  
a peeled orange
Author: Chris Dominiczak
moth in daylight
i dream in colours 
she is made of
Author: Johannes S. H. Bjerg
ink black as ink resting in the shape of an A
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