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Per Diem Archive: S. Hanson 2019, Darkness


‘The woods are lovely, dark and deep’

          —Robert Frost

Darkness is celebrated here as an aspect of beauty without any hint of its associations with evil and gloom - darkness is gorgeous. There is an unmistakable wonder and softness to the night, a sensuousness not found in the light of day; an observation that has not been missed by poets and artists of all kinds throughout the ages.

Before the fireworks show we wait for darkness. However I do not wish to consider darkness simply in its contrast to light, as a passive background enhancing brightness and colour, though it certainly does that. Darkness is conceived in a more positive mode, black is among my favorite colours and ravens among my favorite birds. While many cultures have imagined lines of connection between stars making pictures we call constellations some of the Aboriginal groups have seen pictures in the dark patches of sky between stars. One of the greats of science once said that ‘as our circle of knowledge expands, so does the circumference of darkness surrounding it,’ far more remains unknown than is known - a sense of mystery I find deeply appealing. Darkness is archaic, empty and full, suggestive of the unconscious, the well spring of creativity, the infinite depth from which becoming unfurls . . . and I love it. ‘And darkness was upon the face of the deep . . .’(Genesis).

My sincere thanks to all the poets whose fine haiku are gathered in this Per Diem, they each deepen its dream space in their own way.

Simon Hanson

Author: Stuart Quine
unravelling the storm crowflight in rain
Author: Gavin Austin
moonless night
depths of darkness
lapping the pier
Author: Chen-ou Liu
a dried lotus leaf
in Tibetan Book of the Dead...
winter dusk
Author: Paresh Tiwari
midnight moon –
the violet of violets
almost black
Author: Robbie Coburn
starless sky
the black cord
to the fuse box
Author: Peter Macrow
turn of the year
after catherine wheels
the dark
Author: Ron C. Moss
longest night . . .
Tasmanian Tigers pace
the underworld
Author: Stephen Bailey
the coolness of glass touching darkness
Author: Buachallán Buí
down below
singing to the darkness,
great whales
Author: Vanessa Proctor
night of her death
through our telescope
the moons of Jupiter blur
Author: Randy Brooks
up late with old friends…
my daughter and her blankie
out of the dark
Author: Peter Newton
sea urchin
in Braille
Author: Bruce Ross
the reef’s silence . . .
sea fans brighten, darken
with the current
Author: Claire Everett
the Old Ways . . .
a blackbird sings
from a Celtic cross
Author: Madhuri Pillai
night wind
the bush comes alive
with dreamtime stories
Author: Beverley George
train tunnel –
the sudden intimacy
of mirrored faces
Author: Lorin Ford
dark moon
     the pull of a planet
beyond Pluto
Author: Owen Bullock
black swan
water drops
jewel the neck
Author: Raymond Roseliep
entering my room
her shadow
slips into her
Author: Margaret Beverland
if not for the shadow
on the canyon wall
I would have missed the condor
Author: Joyce Clement
night time
in the hospice aquarium
the pulse of fish gills
Author: Mohammad Azim Khan
dark night... 
the sea swallowing 
the silver sand 
Author: Thomas Powell
peat bog pool
the darkness beneath
pond skaters
Author: Cynthia Rowe
nectarine moon the sky dark with fruit bats
Author: Niji Fuyunu
In the photo darkroom
I leave a postcard
of cherry flowers
Author: Stella Pierides
lifting the veil
on the age of the universe –
gamma-ray burst
Author: James William Hackett
A black jewel
set in down of the softest blue:
my parakeet’s eye
Author: Eric W. Amann
a night train passes:
pictures of the dead are trembling
on the mantelpiece
Author: Lyn Reeves
campfire embers —
stars shine out
from the blackened billy
Author: James William Hackett
The dark of night,
yet growing across the valley:
the mountain’s shadow
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