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Per Diem Archive: S. Krishnamurthy June 2018, Rain

What would we do without rain - the giver of life! The Hindus, Jains and Indian Buddhists dedicate an entire season to it - varSha Rutu or the monsoon. And there is hardly a haiku poet that has not been touched by the magic of rain. 

So here comes rain, astride the cloud-elephants, heralded by thunder-drums. May the reviving breath of rain, filed with the power of life, bring all that you desire, remove all pain, setting your imagination on fire (paraphrasing poet Kalidasa). A month of haiku showers!

Shrikaanth Krishnamurthy

Author: Gary Hotham
distant thunder
the dog’s toenails click
against the linoleum
Author: Ben Moeller-Gaa
freezing rain
the cafe crooner slips 
out of tune
Author: Cathy Drinkwater Better
September rain 
hoping his nap
will last the chapter
Author: Peggy Willis Lyles
rain settles 
some of the pollen 
some of the plans
Author: Yu Chang
gathering light
at the tip of the acorn
yesterday’s rain
Author: Hema Ravi
rainy morning . . .
the wife showering 
abuses on her husband
Author: Ron C. Moss
the thrum
of a dying cat’s purr . . .
soft rain begins
Author: Joyce Clement
a different pitch
from room to room
summer rain
Author: Susan Antolin
drenching rain
I restore myself
to factory settings
Author: Robert Piotrowski
the comfort of morning rain aching with experience
Author: Alan Summers
the rain
almost a friend
this funeral
Author: Anitha Varma
quiet again
paper boats brim with
yesterday’s rain
Author: Karen Cesar
all-day rain—
I rub olive oil
into the butcher block
Author: Tom Painting
smell of rain
a hummingbird stirs
the stillness
Author: Ferris Gilli
night rain—
the small serrated song 
of a frog
Author: LeRoy Gorman
deafening rain
we talk of the dead 
in whispers
Author: Don Wentworth
The many notes
of the falling rain,
all in tune.
Author: Martha Magenta
rain on furrows— 
a seagull lowers 
the sky
Author: Angelee Deodhar
sharing an umbrella 
your wet left shoulder
my right one
Author: Patty Hardin
rainy morning her baby’s kicking slows
Author: Gabriel Bates
warm sheets of rain
the old dog trembles
not knowing
Author: Philomene Kocher
a car passes
and the house realigns itself
in the puddle
Author: Ronald K. Craig
spring rain
saturates the ground 
school shootings
Author: Tom Clausen
steady rain
a goose opens a wing
for her young
Author: Maria Laura Valente
the nurse’s voice turns 
into rain
Author: Fay Aoyagi
soft rain
a plum tree
in its third trimester
Author: Sanjuktaa Asopa
simmering rice grains
       in the pot–
     patter of rain
Author: Scott Mason
sudden cloudburst— 
           Mona Lisa in chalk
                        turns expressionist
Author: Adelaide B. Shaw
heavy spring rain–
checking the young basil plants 
for survivors
Author: Michael McClintock
dead cat. . .
to the pouring rain
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