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Per Diem Archive: M. Gargiulo, May 2018, Pan-Artistic Haiku

“Pan-Artistic” Haiku:  Beyond Ekphrasis

Creative arts are often segmented by their medium of expression such as music, literature, painting, dance, sculpture and film. But at a deeper level there is a creative inner force that inspires us to make something out of nothing and urges us to channel our concepts and feelings into the art form (or forms) of our choice. 

The term Ekphrasis, “to speak out,” has been defined as the use of the words to describe, and express feelings evoked from an object or painting.

“Pan-Artistic” Haiku that go beyond Ekphrasis...take their inspiration not only from visual arts but from a wide variety of creative media.

It is a pleasure to take you on a tour of museums, concert halls, theaters and beyond, through the words of these haiku poets.

Marita Gargiulo

Author: Stanford M. Forrester
Shiva’s Temple —
a toddler chants along
in baby talk
Author: Michael Ketchek
vast empty space
inside the cathedral
fills with organ music
Author: Brad Bennett
copper wire
around the bonsai
autumn sun
Author: Deb Koen
circus act
the elephants
not in the room
Author: Judith Hishikawa
Balinese story dancers
long-trained fingers
swirl in the bonfire light
Author: Sylvia Forges-Ryan
with a stamp and a snap 
she strikes a defiant pose
     the flamenco dancer
Author: Ferris Gilli
harvest moon
the square dance caller
sips from a flask
Author: Rick Tarquinio
summer wind
my daughter chasing
a Charizard
Author: Bill Kenney
end of the world
nobody stays
for the credits
Author: Alan Summers
the hare with amber eyes
jumps back in again
Author: Elizabeth Howard
a single cloud—
she spends the evening
cutting quilt pieces
Author: Annette Makino
War and Peace
a hundred pages in
he surrenders
Author: Wanda D. Cook
moon viewing
the silence
as my pen stops
Author: Gretchen Graft Batz
1812 Overture
another “conductor”
one row ahead
Author: Michele Root-Bernstein
winter storm
I change my mind
about opera
Author: Billie Wilson
buttermilk clouds —
my mother’s voice singing
an old cowboy song
Author: Robert Epstein
40 years in
the postman still carries
a tune
Author: Carolyn Hall
tulip bulbs —
that first piano recital
still in my fingers
Author: Gail Oare
after the parade
the snapping latches
of trumpet cases
Author: Tom Painting
the barmaid
gives me a tip
Author: Jim Kacian
distant stars and my music among them
Author: Lauren Mayhew
city bus
a diversity 
of ring tones
Author: Scott Mason
writing a check
       for the lithograph
             of Escher’s hands
Author: Joan Prefontaine
the soup can
before Andy Warhol
and after
Author: Marcus Liljedahl
lost glasses  crawling through the landscapes of Dali
Author: David Grayson
mixing red and yellow paint
my son discovers
Author: Pat Tompkins
the wait in line
to wait in line:
Matisse exhibit
Author: Peter Newton
working with the time
he’s got left
sand sculptor
Author: Tom Sacramona
the sculptress
never touching
her own hands
Author: John Quinnett
Christmas play
the Wise Man forgets
his next line
Author: John Stevenson
in a family
of critics
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