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World of Haiku: Reprise

Author: Max Verhart
sax solo
of his eyes
only the white
Author: Judit Vihar
behind an old hut
I drink from the well
of the Past.
Author: Ernesto P. Santiago
to go—the old guitar,
and rain song
Author: Rosa Clement
orange harvest
the passing train takes
the sweet scent
Author: Ken Jones
Too much grief
quietly I oil and sharpen
the old chainsaw
Author: Massih Talebian
a morning glory
covered with spider’s web
one or two fly wings too
Author: Zoe Savina
like an unexpected
leafage, your tongue
encircles me
Author: Kala Ramesh
dense fog . . .
    I dream walk
my sense of I
Author: Thorvald Berthelsen
The coot careful
as if tomorrow is sane.
Ripples in a pond
Author: Saša Važić
winter evening
a voice greeting a neighbor
sounds like my own
Author: Beverley George
Anzac Day
a baby’s cry fills
our minute’s silence
Author: Lyn Reeves
afternoon beach
the young lovers cast
a single shadow
Author: Jean Antonini
Work on the page:
ink, white, erasures, copy, words.
Quick, quick, go and pee.
Author: Norman Darlington
after the rain:
the river
its weight
Author: Ludmila Balabanova
clock tower
here the wind
never stops
Author: Helga Härle
between the echoes
of our voices
our voices
Author: Sandra Simpson
pioneer cemetery
here and there a name
faces heaven
Author: Magdalena Dale
Fierce blizzard
frozen flowers on the glass . . .
your hot breath
Author: David Cobb
a plane tree leaf falling
on a muffled drum
Author: Branka Vojinović-Jegdić
     over the yard
  intertwined fragrances of
the grill and cherry
Author: Rafał Zabratyński
the shadows
Author: Luca Cenisi
on my fingers the smell
of tangerines
Author: Adjei Agyei-Baah
roasting sun
the egret's measured steps
in buffalo shadow
Author: Palmira (Susana Benet)
Behind the procession,
the scent of the flowers
crushed underfoot
Author: Amélie Olaiz
The buzzards,
from the antenna, watch
the sunset
Author: Terry Ann Carter
in bed
your raisin cinnamon kiss 
Author: Jim Kacian
the river
the river makes
of the moon
Author: Klaus-Dieter Wirth
dreary afternoon 
a carp in the park pond snaps 
at a speck of sun
Author: Đurđa (Djurdja) Vukelić-Rožić
off the stone
drop by drop the sea returns
to the sea
Author: Alexey Andreev
a shooting star —
no time for a wish,
only her name
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