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World of Haiku: Poets of Japan4

Author: Takeo Nakamura
seeing you off
into the deep autumn ether
fading away
Author: Kokyō
deep forest —
the sound of rain like
fallen leaves
Author: Uda Kiyoko
wheat —
realizing death as one color
Author: Hoshinaga Fumio
counting down the goodness of man:
from the sixth 
Author: Hasegawa Kai
deep winter 
within the pillar 
the rushing of waves 
Author: Tsubouchi Nenten
cherry blossoms fall —
you too must become 
a hippo
Author: Yagi Mikajo
yellow-butterfly’s-danger’s-yellow-danger : 
Author: Ōnishi Yasuyo
tugging a wailing man
just to the riverbank edge
of this world
Author: Kawana Tsugio
since the burned ground forever run in dreams
Author: Ikeda Sumiko
loosing “rock-paper-scissors”
born as a firefly . . .
Author: Maeda Hiroshi
a classroom party —
tomorrow I’ll go shoot a bear
Author: Ōi Tsuneyuki
however rain however dark green —
falls on bamboo
Author: Morisu Ran
out of reach of blue
river in the spring
Author: Takatō Akane
the awkward lie of an eldest daughter carnation flower
Author: Tōta Kaneko
after the tsunami disaster
an old woman lives 
apart from death
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