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World of Haiku: Poets of the United States

Author: Christopher Herold
we lower a kayak
into the sound
Author: Bob Boldman
walking with the river
the water does my thinking
Author: William J. Higginson
Holding the water,
   held by it-
      the dark mud
Author: Allan Burns
distant virga
the ranch dog’s eyes
different colors
Author: Raymond Roseliep
he removes his glove
       to point out
Author: Fay Aoyagi
icy rain
at the bottom of the lake
a door to yesterday
Author: Marlene Mountain
pig and i spring rain
Author: Chris Gordon
a love letter to the butterfly gods with strategic misspellings
Author: Stanford M. Forrester
cold Aegean sun–    
the temple
half stone, half shadow
Author: John Wills
rain in gusts
below the deadhead
Author: Virginia Brady Young
than the prairie —
this wind.
Author: Gary Hotham
distant thunder
the dog’s toenails click
against the linoleum
Author: Michael McClintock
the dead
come apart:
Author: Elizabeth Searle Lamb
halfway up the stairs —
white chrysanthemum
Author: Alan Pizzarelli
a spark
falls to the ground
that’s it
Author: Cor van den Heuvel
hot day
the mime leans into a wind
that isn’t there
Author: Alexis K. Rotella
Late August —
I bring him the garden
in my skirt.
Author: Martin Shea
one far off 
and perfect moon
Author: Peggy Willis Lyles
before we knew its name the indigo bunting
Author: Ruth M. Yarrow
after the garden party the garden
Author: Garry Gay
Bird song:
the color
of song
Author: Julius Lester
As we got
Closer, the
Rainbow disappeared.
Author: Lenard D. Moore
late summer
black men spreading tar
on the side road
Author: Sonia Sanchez
say no words
time is collapsing
in the woods
Author: Gerald Vizenor
After the heavy rains
So many skies tonight
Reflecting the moon.
Author: Cid Corman
On the brim of a
brimming stone bowl a
Author: John Ashbery
A blue anchor grains of grit in a tall sky sewing
Author: Patricia Donegan
spring wind —
I too
am dust
Author: John Martone
daughter waters father weeds their silence
Author: Billy Collins
raindrops on the reservoir —
I stop to count some.
Author: Wally Swist
walking farther into it
the farther it moves away
spring mist
Author: Dee Evetts
damp morning
cash for a journey
warm from the machine
Author: Lee Gurga
from house
 to barn:
 the milky way
Author: Michael Dylan Welch
after the quake
 the weathervane
 pointing to earth
Author: vincent tripi
The shell I take,
the shell it takes
— ebb tide
Author: Marian Olson
river’s song
a wounded turtle
slips into it
Author: Peter Yovu
 she slips into
the ocean the ocean
 slips into
Author: Jim Kacian
the river
the river makes
of the moon
Author: Mike Dillon
it doesn’t matter
what I think:
Milky Way
Author: John Stevenson
a deep gorge . . .
some of the silence
is me
Author: paul m. (Paul Miller)
a line borrowed
from another poet
spring rain
Author: Cherie Hunter Day
looking up
rules of punctuation —
the green hills
Author: Scott Metz
fireflies are
eating rhinos
Author: Roberta Beary
all day long
I feel its weight
the unworn necklace
Author: Carolyn Hall
windfall apples
what I think about
what I think
Author: William M. Ramsey
slave cemetery
i scrape the moss to find
no name
Author: Jack Barry
snow light
not telling you
the whole dream
Author: Chad Lee Robinson
full moon —
all our sounds
are vowels
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