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World of Haiku: Poets of Canada

Author: Grant D. Savage
from reed to reed
a blackbird follows
               its song
Author: George Swede
leaving my loneliness     inside her
Author: Ruby Spriggs
slowly, together
on the unmade bed
willow shadows
Author: LeRoy Gorman
in the raw
she eats an apple
Author: Marco Fraticelli
Both with our feet
In this freezing river
Our eyes touch
Author: Dorothy Howard
endless scales
on the neighbour’s flute
my mother’s ironing
Author: Betty Drevniok
in every puddle
the after-storm-sky reflecting…
all the quiet
Author: Nick Avis
November nightfall
the shadow of the headstone
longer than the grave
Author: Marshall Hryciuk
         in moon light
a brown pine needle
	spinning above the ferns
Author: Kaoru Ikeda
picking berries
I happen on a bear print
in the Slocan mountains
Author: Simone Routier
my heart awaiting you
silence still
and the vast falling of leaves . . .
Author: Claire Pratt
the fog has settled
around us. A faint redness
where the maple was
Author: Rod Willmot
suddenly nude
the lake shivers
Author: Anna Vakar
we part the moon follows us both
Author: Carole MacRury
wild pears —
yellow jackets push
under the skin 
Author: Susan Constable
a length of rope
knotted with seaweed —
pull of the tide
Author: Naomi Beth Wakan
the heron
striking its own reflection
shallow water 
Author: Vicki McCullough
in the fog
a dog noses maple leaves
winter election
Author: Winona Louise Baker
moss-hung trees
a deer moves into
the hunter’s silence
Author: elehna de sousa
dawn stars
still twinkling . . .
the whiteness of daisies 
Author: kjmunro (Katherine J. Munro)
northern lights
just beyond the reach
of my walking stick 
Author: Jessica Tremblay
late for work —
cherry petals
in her hair 
Author: Jacqueline Pearce
sparrows shelter
under the 7 – 11 sign
October wind 
Author: Angela J. Naccarato
through the hollow reed —
oil of myrrh
Author: DeVar Dahl
prairie wind
snow fills the mouth
of the badger hole 
Author: Patricia M. Benedict
after rain
two magpies take turns
preening themselves
Author: Jeanne Jorgensen
they seem to drift
out of waning moonlight
snow clouds 
Author: Claudia Coutu Radmore
each lilac showing me
what I do not know
about lilacs 
Author: Terry Ann Carter
in bed
your raisin cinnamon kiss 
Author: Philomene Kocher
using the mirror
my mother gave me
the other side magnified
Author: Mike Montreuil
another ping
from the empty pop can 
Author: Guy Simser
a hazy face
in the sleet mirror
granite tombstone
Author: Pearl Pirie
widow for a year
now his hat missing
from the hook
Author: Micheline Beaudry
at the antique store
deep in the empty dresser
the sun’s rays
Author: Maxianne Berger
your beard
soft against my neck
sun through the blinds 
Author: André Duhaime
icy sidewalk
step by step
in another’s footsteps
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