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World of Haiku: Poets of Mexico

Author: Carmen Millán Lara
room on the roof                       
the echo of dogs 
in the backyards
Author: Cristina Rascón
on the blue sea 
like dead whales 
two black rocks
Author: Agustín Haro y Tamariz
The black sapote makes me think 
that I am eating, in the daytime 
and in pieces, the night
Author: Israel Balan
traffic sign—
the fallen leaves move 
in the opposite direction
Author: Alfredo Ávalos
War drum 
the fertile half moon 
a basin of blood
Author: Rocío Rebecca Lannon-Lee
The tiny magnifying glass 
the butterfly needs 
to observe the flower
Author: Rubén García García
the sapodilla falls 
frightened the thrushes 
flee and cry out
Author: Javier Tinajero
In Spring 
all dreams open 
like flowers.
Author: Miguel Garza
on the cement
the bee swigs from
the jacaranda flower
Author: Susana Dorantes Herrera
fallen leaves
and cigarette butts have gathered
in the potholes
Author: Enrique Villanueva Guevara
the rain stops
a stray dog
shakes itself off
Author: Jorge Santoyo Luquin
One walker
following Buddha’s steps
in a lotus flower.
Author: Rubén Pesquera Roa
The panther’s skin
was upholstered
with new moons
Author: Rebecca Bowman
the earwig
how many hours captive
in this bowl
Author: Maximiliano Souza
A nomadic cloud
always forgets its drops
on my window
Author: Amélie Olaiz
The buzzards,
from the antenna, watch
the sunset
Author: José Rubén Romero
Day of gold
The lariat closes its question mark
around the bull’s horns
Author: Carlos López Moctezuma
The prickly pear and the
porcupine cross
stabbing looks
Author: José Juan Tablada
Tender willow
almost gold, almost amber
almost light . . .
Author: Francisco Monterde
In the smooth curve
of hills
dark flesh undulates.
Author: Carlos Gutiérrez Cruz
Porcelain coffee pot
floating on the water.
Author: Alfonso Reyes
Light skin of cloud
where a splinter
of moon is impaled.
Author: José Gorostiza
I feel the need to cry,
but the sea does it for me.
Author: Jaime Torres Bodet
You will cry soon.
The sky already becomes
small in your eyes.
Author: Octavio Paz
If man is dust
those that wander across the plain
are men
Author: Juan Cervera
The falling leaf
dreams it is — for an instant —
a wing and a wave
Author: Elva Macías
even when torn from its stem
still attends to the sun’s course.
Author: Gabriela Rábago Palafox
Like a black cat
the night awakens itself
little by little
Author: Arturo González Cosío
Torrential rain.
Afterwards the green
skin of the frog.
Author: Olga María del Carmen Ortega Charles
House without doors
dead leaves rain
on the roof.
Author: Ramón Iván Suárez Caamal
At water’s edge
supple reeds
trap these words.
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