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World of Haiku: Poets of Spain

Author:  Alberasan (Alfredo Benjamin)
The crows are cawing;
on the other side of the wall
my father’s grave
Author: Alonso Salas
Waxing moon,
and the moss much greener
after urinating
Author: Antonio Martinez
before the rain . . .
the white stork
gets lost in the fog
Author: Ángel Aguilar
wet feet —
the taste of the medlars
after the thunderstorm
Author: Enrique Linares
City pond,
on the plastic duck
a snail.
Author: Félix Alcántara
The dry leaves
far from the banana tree.
Wind in the park.
Author: Momiji (Félix Arce)
before seeing it,
the scent of hawthorn;
afternoon in May
Author: Frutos Soriano
little maple:
with the perching sparrow
a leaf falls off
Author: Genaro Ortega
In the pond
a black duck
looking back
Author: Grego (Gregorio Dávila)
alone in the night,
not even the moon
for watching
Author: Miraalsure (Isabel Pose)
the taste of water
in the hollow of my hands.
River in winter
Author: Javinchi (Javier Sancho)
Gleam of moonlight
In the tracks left
By the sailors
Author: Barlo (José Luis Vicent)
Seemed to be dead
when fishing it out of the water . . .
A grasshopper
Author: Jordi Climent
blanket of snow —
the shadow of the trees
even darker 
Author: Raijo (Juan Francisco Pérez)
Hands full,
he leans them against her chest
the mandarins
Author: Hadaverde (Leticia Sicilia)
Waxing moon,
in the neighbouring garden
a cat in heat.
Author: Luelir (Luis Elia)
Tomb without snow
the afternoon moon
footprints and flowers.
Author: Luis Corrales
The dead blackbird
and its yellow beak
remains yellow
Author: Luis Carril
the colt on its hind legs
and even the algae
of the river in bloom
Author: Manuel Díez Orzas
the piece of land,
covers itself this year
with daisies
Author: Maitía (Mar Ordóñez)
Cold morning
The church has filled
with human scent
Author: Mavi (María Victoria Porras)
March rain
Inside out, in the ditch,
a rabbit skin
Author: Maramin (Marcos Andrés Minguell)
Only the shadow
of a cloud on the snow
no trace at all
Author: Kotori (Mercedes Pérez)
cold as the morning,
the skin of the persimmons
recently picked
Author: Miguel Ibáñez
Children’s siesta
Watermelons and muskmelons
under the camp-beds
Author: Santiago Larreta
until the pathway
has become open country
Author: Barbarroja (Sergio Pinteño)
along the path of withered leaves
the hedgehog, the wind
... and the moon
Author: Palmira (Susana Benet)
Behind the procession,
the scent of the flowers
crushed underfoot
Author: Diente de León (Toñi Sánchez)
at low altitude
a blackbird over the lawn —
smell of rain
Author: Eva Comas (Valle Oporto)
against the north wind
smell of fig trees
Author: Elías Rovira Gil
the Mona Lisa
on the pavement: art at one
mud at ten
Author: Juan Carlos Moreno Plaza
autumn wind:
falling from the tree
yesterday’s rain
Author: Gorka Arellano
Winter Stream:
A leaf spinning
In the bubbles
Author: La Xaro (Xaro Ortolá)
Children play,
In the broken boat
Of the rice field 
Author: Verónica Aranda
By the pond
the uneven shadows
of the turtles
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