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World of Haiku: Poets of Africa

Author: Celestine Nudanu
night in flames fireflies
Author: Turkson Adu Darkwa
after the storm
the homelessness
of fallen leaves
Author: Patrick Wafula
full moon—
cumulus clouds slowly
form a wolf
Author: Mercy Ikuri
Maasai village
cattle bells awakening
the dawn
Author: Nshai Waluzimba
a committee
gathers in celebration
dying buffalo
Author: Fredua-Agyeman Nana
morning snail
stuck on another
stuck on a leaf
Author: Ali Znaidi
full sunshine…
rainbow perishing into
Author: Emmanuel Jessie Kalusian
winter cold--
a swan shakes off
the night
Author: Dominic Prempeh
harmattan fire outbreaks
one surest way
of communal gathering
Author: Wilhelm Haupt
Daddy, come quick and look:
The sky is so full of
God's foot prints.
Author: Clifford W. Lindemann
My grandson
greets the fridge first
last night’s chicken
Author: Rakotomahefa Diamondra
African summer
elephants trumpet
in the dusty plains
Author: Kwaku Feni Adow
muddy trail of footprints
I step inside the shoe
of another
Author: Ayinbire Blessmond Alebna
wavy sea~
a lad and his boat
Author: Akwu Sunday Victor
harmattan winds
the stiff permed pattern
of dry grasses
Author: Jacob Kobina Ayiah Mensah
soft afternoon
baby patting the stars
from its cot
Author: Caleb Mutua
funeral speech
i put down my sorrows
in a haiku
Author: Nathaniel Apadu
savannah encounter
robins cheer on
a gruesome combat
Author: Chibuihe-Light Obi
weaver birds...
the bombed market
echoes back to life
Author: Maria Steyn
year's end
her skipping rope
too short
Author: Theophilus Femi Alawonde
cold harmattan morn
a shot of gin keeps
the cabman going
Author: Jamil Danbala Umar
harmattan wind
clattering dry leaves
count their days
Author: Rapheal d’Abdon
black mamba
coiled in sugar cane field
scythe glistening
Author: Jacob Nthoiwa
I looked around me
In the middle of the street
Suddenly I am lost.
Author: Mohammed Bennis
another lemon tree
in another country
my gazes are desires
Author: Ndiaye Shadikh
song of the cicada
between two roof, a gray cat
leaps on the moon
Author: Adjei Agyei-Baah
roasting sun
the egret's measured steps
in buffalo shadow
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