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World of Haiku: Poets of Russia

Author: Dmitry Kudrya
at dawn, the soul-scratching
of janitors' shovels . . .
Author: Ira Novitskaya
The drawing on the cup
almost erased
with your lips
Author: Marina Hagen
you told me a big cloud 
I’ll answer with a small one
Author: Nikolay Grankin
thaw drip                                   
little girls on the bench
swing their legs
Author: Sergey Kruchinin
sparrows get loud.
just about time to smell 
hot pancakes
Author: Jane Korobova-Rader
Sunny spring day —
the retriever brings me a stick
thrown by someone else.
Author: Mikhail Lyablin
the sun is higher
a fisherman brushes
the scale from his hand 
Author: Valeria Aprelskaya
Notebooks with poems —
I tear them joyfully
for paper ships!
Author: Olesya Krivtsova
a typo in every line
of a young typist
Author: Sergey Zolotukhin
spring street noises
in the empty classroom
a music teacher
Author: Pavel Vorontsov
end of may
the wardrobe door
creaks again
Author: Alexander Belykh
How the maple has grown!
Unwittingly I touch
The bristles on my cheeks.
Author: Mikhail Baru
Even from the gutter,
Even beaten and drunk —
I still admire the moon!
Author: Natalya Sedenkova
fried herring’s smell
in the vietnamese dorm
what a long evening!
Author: Vladimir Burich
I walk for water
and chamomile heads beat
the bottom of my bucket.
Author: Andrey Larionov
cloudy . . .
piece by piece, my mind gathers
a full moon 
Author: Ilya Plekhanov
a bird cry outside —
I turn my back
on drunken buddies
Author: Vladimir Agranovsky
summer rain
acronyms blacken
on the bannister
Author: Viktor Wetlin
old swing
so easily
to childhood and back
Author: Natalia Barva
I too am not local —
planting a sprouted acorn
by a palm tree
Author: Peter Savchenko
phone book . . .
removing the dead
geranium leaves
Author: Natalia Harang
cranes flying south . . .
one dress from the drying rope
has disappeared
Author: Sergey Tutov
Leaves fallen
but flowers now seen
in the opposite house
Author: Oleg Osipov
The sun is gone.
An old lady walks
to a different bench.
Author: Eugene Kazakov
gloomy morning
the sock is darned
with motley threads
Author: Igor Shevchenko
Two pine trees
greet each other
with a squirrel’s jump
Author: Inna Khmel
thick snow
filling a gap in the fence
with silence
Author: Eugene Plekhanov
bitter cold
pulling itself from the street
an endless cat
Author: Yury Runov
Heavy snowfall,
Three snowmen in the park
and one glass.
Author: Zinovy Vayman
minus twenty
in my voice
father’s tones
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