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World of Haiku: Poets of Italy

Author: Mario Chini
Three crickets
And a midsummer night
Becomes bigger
Author: Andrea Zanzotto
Delicate makeup of silk
in reflections of far distances—
all simple thought is near
Author: Edoardo Sanguineti
the first wine is
a warm foam that I taste
on your tongue
Author: Margherita Guidacci
Autumn evening.
On the muddy road
we part.
Author: Giuseppe Ungaretti
I shine
with immensity
Author: Salvatore Quasimodo
And suddenly it’s evening
Everyone stands alone at the heart of the world,
pierced by a ray of sunshine,
and suddenly it’s evening
Author: Carla Vasio
pine cones on the table
spring once
was alive
Author: Pietro Tartamella
the statue of the hero
does not budge
Author: Pietro Tartamella
from the horses’ breath
drifting apart
Author: Anna Maria Verrastro
there’s loneliness
in a forest of tombs
Author: Fabia Binci
out of season
the hedge is in bloom
hoar frost
Author: Fabia Binci
crawling in the grass
the small green lizard:
he feels like a dragon
Author: Fanny Casali Sanna
among the rubble
on their frightened faces
infinite self-respect
Author: Giorgio Gazzolo
in the middle of the night
on the glass rim
her lipstick
Author: Oscar Luparia
ebb tide –
the wet sand becomes again
a clean slate
Author: Oscar Luparia
otium negotium –
all day counting
Author: Fabrizio Virgili
lazy heat
from my cupped hands
I drink the moon
Author: Arianna Sacerdoti
writing poems –
the rain roar
and no children
Author: Alessandra Gallo
bare branches
this sudden need
to stroke your hair
Author: Alessandra Gallo
under the plane tree
we sit and talk
growing shadows
Author: Fiorenza Alineri
little girl running
crackling of dry leaves
along the walkway
Author: Antonella Filippi
sleepless night –
the sound of petals
in the courtyard
Author: Antonella Filippi
my shadow dances
unbeknownst to me
Author: Çlirim Muça
Crane beak.
Long water snake hanging
full of river.
Author: Luca Cenisi
on my fingers the smell
of tangerines
Author: Luca Cenisi
pond in the evening -
a duck passes through
the full moon
Author: Daniela Zglibutiu
your absence –
the cherry blossoms
still bloom
Author: Andrea Cecon
muggy day
among the office papers
an origami
Author: Valeria Simonova-Cecon
withering wind
whitens the bones
of a sycamore
Author: Guido Cupani
windshield wipers
what was I thinking?
windshield wipers
Author: Toni Piccini
Forty years later
the same music —
shooting stars
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