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World of Haiku: Poets of One or Two of a Kind

Author: James Kirkup
In atomic rain
Buddha goes on smiling at
the last butterfly
Author: Jorge Alberto Giallorenzi
Ashes in the air
a bud opens
in the grey plant
Author: Dietmar Tauchner
deep inside you no more war
Author: Kurt Svatek
the first crocus
and even an old heart
beats faster
Author: Magic Dragon
On a late spring day
the waters are wrinkling
with wings skimming over
Author: Xu Yiping
Limitless blue sky—
knocking the heaven gate from a spacecraft
can I meet an alien?
Author: Raul Ortiz Betancur
water and silence travels
to the sea
Author: Christian Aspergren
this deep hole—
my daughter’s small hand
lifts me out
Author: E Bold
the voices of white cranes
erasing our memories
Author: Yo. Erdenetogotokh
A mirage becomes
one of many
escaped horses
Author: Zaid Alquraishy
On that trunk I sat,
Seeing a bird in a trap,
I can not save it.
Author: Hilal M. Jihad
Drunk for the first time
The horizon is in
My feet
Author: Amir Or
Here in the airport
Between here and there
Nothing is mine
Author: Mordechai Geldman
Old age is freedom
The house key gets lost
You’re dwelling in chaos
Author: Francis Attard
butterfly’s wings—
dust rearranges itself
in a mosaic
Author: Sonam Chhoki
ultrasound scan
I rearrange
my dreams
Author: Ram Kumar Panday
Diamond hills
Diamond lake
Diamond trap
Author: Terje Hellesen
Silent jellyfish
Towards the surface of its skin
The deep dark cold fjord
Author: Urjin Khurelbaatar
Dreaming a mirage
the skyscrapers of New York
are as they always were
Author: Tuvshinzaya Nergui
spring evening
distant stars radiate
the light of memory
Author: Leoniloda Alfarrobinha
november’s moon—
childhood so far away
and my sister dead
Author: David Rodrigues
And more air
In the chest
Author: Alenka Zorman
Farewell to the sea.
Watercolours in the bag
of my heart.
Author: Metod Cesek
secret mass grave
almost audible voices
from above
Author: Olivier Schopfer
sick in bed—
the gap
between the curtains
Author: Hwang Li
Under the burning sun
Earthworms die
my words
Author: Chiau-Shin Ngo
The transitory life
just as a paper windmill
blown by the wind
Author: Hirokazu Aihara
When this cloud goes away
I am a wave
In the late autumn
Author: Joseph Salvatore Aversano
without a farmhouse near each star
Author: Sergiy Kurbatov
the milky way
putting three dots
at the very beginning
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