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World of Haiku: Poets of Poland

Author: Krzysztof Kokot
knock on the door –
from this and other side
question marks
Author: Magdalena Banaszkiewicz
holding a thread
of gossamer . . .
distant sound of  a train
Author: Marta Chocilowska
childhood blanket
now I wrap in it
my mother’s chill
Author: Andrzej Dembończyk
she recognizes us
by touch
Author: Łukasz Garczewski
cherry trees in bloom—
if only I could stop
the wind
Author: Anna Goluba
Foggy evening—
The old boat
Sinks in the silence
Author: Teresa Grzywacz
cherry blossoms—
I miss the orchard
of my father
Author: Robert Kania
an old apple tree
instead of fruits
Author: Janina Kołodziejczyk
wind chimes
the first drops of rain
change their sound
Author: Marek Kozubek
first snow
tracks of a homeless man
from sill to sill
Author: Magdalena Kuśmirek
quiet morning
sky and sleepy ducks
flow under the bridge
Author: Artur Lewandowski
Buddha statue
my smiling wife
looks at her belly
Author: Anna Mazurkiewicz
petition for divorce
the period
in every sentence
Author: Robert Bogusław Nowak
hospital window
day by day there are fewer
leaves on the trees
Author: Mariusz Ogryzko
morning fog
all plans
in one cup of coffee
Author: Wincenty Ozga
forest by the lake
fish hide
behind the trees
Author: Katarzyna Prędota
end of summer
the wind erasing
Author: Dorota Pyra
the water falls
into its sound
Author: Karol Rosiak
old garden
from tree to tree
my childhood
Author: Lidia Rozmus
one breath
one brush stroke
Author: Gabriel Sawicki
fog . . .
the world ends
in the garden
Author: Sława Sibiga
the painter adds
white to white
Author: Grzegorz Sionkowski
broken mirror
in each piece
the same eyes
Author: Magda Sobieszek
mountains reflection
I turn the trail map
upside down
Author: Irena Szewczyk
restless reeds
a swan at the shore shuns
my shadow
Author: Maria Tomczak
winter field
the crows devour
the last light
Author: Ernest Wit
little trout
warming in the shallows
I cool my feet
Author: Juliusz Wnorowski
no stars
only snowflakes
in the lantern light
Author: Rafał Zabratyński
the shadows
Author: Gosia Zamorska
old piano—
from every key
the same silence
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