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World of Haiku: Poets of Montenegro

Author: Damir Janjalija
fleeing the war
through a hole in my shoe
autumn rain
Author: Mijajlo Ašanin
      the frost –
  my father’s empty house
waits by the road
Author: Mladen Babović
     they did not notice
  a couple in love on the road
those large raindrops
Author: Veselin Brnović
     smoky furrow,
  neither plow nor plowman –
where are you, my father?
Author: Bogoljub Boban Velimirović
     a sea shell pearl
  remembering murmur
of home waves
Author: Blagoje Vujisić
     there are no cranes at all
  yet every autumn their calls
fly above me
Author: Vojislav Vulanović
     a falling leaf
  whispers a sad song
to summer gone by
Author: Darko Batan Žunjić
     a windy night –
  a tiny bit of someone’s skirt
peers behind the newsstand
Author: Branka Vojinović-Jegdić
     over the yard
  intertwined fragrances of
the grill and cherry
Author: Milojka Jovović
    in the shallows
  boys blur the sky
and clear water
Author: Hamdija Kalač
     withered leaf of an oak tree
  has fallen on grandfather’s shade
in the bottom of the yard
Author: Slavka Klikovac
     a fig leaf
  fell into my lap –
Adam, where are you?
Author: Ljubisav Knežević
     a deserted nest
  the birch leaves
moved into it
Author: Čedo Čekov Kovačević
     scarcely visible
  a firefly lights my path
it too is a hope
Author: Danilo Mijatović
     a moribund hut –
  the smoke prolongs
its life
Author: Ljubislav Milićević
     on a mountain road
  somehow it hits my heart:
a wild violet
Author: Enver Muratović
     once I arrived 
  at the cemetery entrance door -
I remembered the flowers
Author: Blagoje Nišavić
     bouncing toad
  still enough room for
a full moon
Author: Vesna Oborina
     the screeching of brakes-
  scattered on the asphalt
red apples
Author: Vladislav Pavićević
     the thunderbolt –
  murky clouds knitting
a veil of the sky
Author: Sofija Sonja Perović
     pink flowers			
  from my neighbor's balcony				
wave to the dawn
Author: Goran – Tyffransky Radičević
     flower after flower
  the rainbow of ikebana
arranging its colours
Author: Ivanović Nelica Radović
     she is smiling…
  peach juice leaking
down her breasts
Author: Zoran Raonić
     with a broom
  a nun chases the autumn
around the monastery
Author: Janja Raonić
     Tara in autumn –
  another tear flows
to distances
Author: Goran Sekulović
     i share with blackbird
  Japanese apple – everyone
pick on its own side
Author: Daković Slavka Stevović
     birds fly away,
  they leave their nests
and nostalgia
Author: Cvijeta Todorović-Milatović
  rocking the raindrops –
a dog slogs through the mud calmly
Author: Jevrem Hajduković
     every wave brings
  a bundle of happiness –
to the shore
Author: Mićun Šiljak
  women washing laundry – 
     the warm river flows away 
the color of white linen
Author: Božidar Šćekić
     alone in front of the house –
  my shadow wiped away
by the setting moon
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