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World of Haiku: Poets of England

Author: frances angela
mill wall
the brick
with my name
Author: Joanna Ashwell
a periscope planet
navigates the night
deepest slumber
Author: Annie Bachini
locked into slots
at the village school
a line of colourful scooters
Author: John Barlow
into the stillness
of the winter depths
all the spent lives
Author: Helen Buckingham
helicopter crash
the human chain
edges in
Author: Sheila Butterworth
wind on the fell
clinging to the river bank
a row of alders
Author: David Cobb
a plane tree leaf falling
on a muffled drum
Author: Keith Coleman
bass-string harmonic ...
    a bluebottle glancing
          off the windowpane
Author: Paul Conneally
the vicar unfolds
his wedding umbrella
cherry blossom rain
Author: Tina Davidson
wild child
wild cyclamen grows
     around her grave
Author: Tracy Davidson
a mosquito 
carries my life away 
Author: Claire Everett
ice-tipped furze . . .
a sea wind brings goldcrests
on their own wings
Author: Graham High
a last cigarette –
gazing at the yellowed star		
that’s really Venus
Author: Hamish Ironside
summer wind—
two old ladies
prop each other up
Author: David Jacobs
just me
being trimmed
I ask if they're busy
Author: Anthony Marcoff
passing unmarked
another wave
on the shore
Author: Joanne E. Miller
snow in the air –
my bones argue
among themselves
Author: Matthew Paul
when the wind drops
over Whalebone Marsh:					
harmonised bleats
Author: Stuart Quine
intimate with daemons I embrace the night
Author: Helen Robinson
women’s clinic
the sisterhood of
identical cotton gowns
Author: Fred Schofield
wayside yawn ...
   a pinch of lavender 
            clears the head
Author: David Serjeant
October sun
a ladybird restlessly probes
the window's edge
Author: Andrew Shimield
over the wall
of the private club
a tennis ball escapes
Author: Ian Storr
First nativity
only one puffin
twirls in the dance
Author: Rachel Sutcliffe
between flickers
of recognition
shadow play
Author: Richard Tindall
whips of wind
the mole catcher's coat
flaps with the crows
Author: Diana Webb
string quartet
a small spider's legs flex
with all their might
Author: Alison Williams
trying to make sense of it
geometric patterns
in the carpet
Author: Frank Williams
from the train...
through thick fog a drift
of birds on the wing
Author: Sara Winteridge
morning sun ~
beating against the hearth rug
a Clouded Yellow
Author: Bill Wyatt
     A sleepless night—
ashamed of my idle dreams
    full of desires
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