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World of Haiku: Poets of Romania

Author: Cornelia Atanasiu
Raven flying
precise calligraphies
through red leaves
Author: Jules Cohn Botea
We stopped on the bridge
the time and the water
flowing quiet under us
Author: Ion Codrescu
House for sale —
the apricot tree in bloom
as never before
Author: Serban Codrin
Emptiness of autumn —
in the guitar bursts
another string
Author: Cezar Florin Ciobîcă
A new sound
from an old instrument
spring thaw
Author: Marius Chelaru
On the frozen window
the cat scratches the moon
late evening
Author: Sonia Coman
Workers waiting
over the boundary pass
hundreds of cranes
Author: Magdalena Dale
Fierce blizzard
frozen flowers on the glass . . .
your hot breath
Author: Olga Dutu
Through the breach
of the rusty can —
the red poppy
Author: Ioan Găbudean
Near the old wind mill
a cricket grinding
the stillness
Author: Florin Grigoriu
Broken frame —
the blue river
remains in the picture
Author: Vali Iancu
The night between years
I opened a full bottle
of new illusions
Author: Anisoara Iordache
Horses to the wagon
the colt is coming after
following the footsteps . . .
Author: Letitzia Lucia Iubu
News from afar
in the mail box —
cherry blossoms
Author: Vasile Moldovan
Listening to the flight
of a thousand white paper cranes
a blind war veteran
Author: Teodora Moțet
The small pagoda
making the hill taller —
the evening coolness
Author: Alexandra Flora Munteanu
Sea roaring
covers the town —
storm at the distance
Author: Ecaterina Neagoe
Over the old pond
the leaf trembles on the branch —
another moment
Author: Valentin Nicolițov
Moonless night
and an owl's cry
from nowhere
Author: Dan Viorel Norea
Jogging on the alleys —
a girl and a dog
jumping over petals
Author: Radu Patrichi
Wedding night
two hedgehogs are crushed
on the smooth highway
Author: Dumitru Radu
The silence of night —
in the courtyard puddle
a chestnut and a star
Author: Aurel Rău
And birds crying.
When they will know to sing
I will be far away
Author: Cristina Rusu
Blooming cockleburs —
at my parents house
no one waiting for me
Author: Vasile Smărăndescu
A storm
the dandelion remained
only memory
Author: Constantin Stroe
Before me,
in my parents’ old house
a leaf comes in
Author: Luminita Suse
Sunlit streets
other shadows
walk in pairs
Author: Radu Șerban
From the bamboo pipe
a dragon fly is drinking:
the kabuki show
Author: Maria Tirenescu
Many presents
beside Christmas tree -—
missing grandfather
Author: Ion Nicolae Tomi
Flying nowhere
black birds appearing out of
the painter's brush
Author: Eduard Tara
Long after the song
of the first bird is over —
swaying cherry twig
Author: Florin Vasiliu
A supernova
exploding in Universe
a cricket in the threshold
Author: Laura Văceanu
Yellowing trees
along the river Dâmbovita —
sun at sunset
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