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World of Haiku: Poets of the Netherlands

Author: Ad Beenackers
The horses are quiet.
The full moon's light
freezes in the barn.
Author: Adri van den Berg
One night's ice--
it can carry nothing
but my shadow  
Author: Frank Berkelmans
Motionless pond--
a fish comes up to find out
where its bubble goes
Author: Gaby Bleijenbergh
A bitter scent
of just trimmed trees--
wounds remain white.
Author: Bouwe Brouwer
summer drought
flaking off of the bench
a butterfly
Author: Willy Cuvelier
In the curtains 
sun and summer breeze are playing 
a shadow show.
Author: Ferre Denis
Her empty seat
in the quiet living room;
I miss her silence.
Author: Hubert De Splenter
Just two kettle drum strokes
he had to do, but precisely
and in a dinner jacket.
Author: Fred Flohr
Her smile
as she crossed het legs--
what was it you said?
Author: Ria Giskes
the coffin goes down
the volatile voices
of geese
Author: Ida Gorter
the playful wind unfailingly
finds whatever rattles
on this old house
Author: Wilhelm Haupt
Daddy, come quick and look:
The sky is so full of
God's foot prints.
Author: Jeanine Hoedemakers
the street a dancing school
all the leaves are learning how
to fall graciously
Author: Marianne Kiauta
two pairs of shoes
stamp the cold into the ground
at the bus stop
Author: Els Kooyman
the conductor
with his hands he's drawing
castles in the air
Author: Johanna Kruit
Children play
with a home made rifle:
dying beautifully.
Author: Inge Lievaart
The two of them setting off
he is walking after his belly,
she follows her lips
Author: Wim Lofvers
Now it's completed:
the rowan tree gives back its leaves
to the earth.
Author: Bart Mesotten
I will live on:
a few spines with my name
on a bookshelf.
Author: W.J. van der Molen
Flying fishes--
what they learned in the waves
they apply in light.
Author: Gerhard Mynhardt
I am oldish--
when my eyes close at night
my mouth opens up
Author: Hans Reddingius
eyes and jaws
ovary, heart, intestine
1/8 inch
Author: Wanda Reumer
While passing by
I caress the rosemary.
It responds with scent.
Author: J.C. van Schagen
The rain and we--
we tell each other everything
we don't say a word
Author: Marcel Smets
the hare on the slope
all ears
Author: Frans Terryn
Out of her wheelchair
she reaches for a dandelion--
she'll be twelve, maybe.
Author: Clara Timmermans
In the snow I'm reading
about sparrows, the rabbit,
and the mailman.
Author: Geert Verbeke
breaking waves
among seaweed and driftwood
a teddybear
Author: Herwig Verleyen
On All Souls Day:
flowerpots on two legs
looking for a grave.
Author: Jac Vroemen
girl on the bicycle
as you are getting smaller and smaller
my loneliness grows
Author: Gerrit Wassing
With a Chinese lantern
in her hand the moon saunters
away through the dunes
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