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World of Haiku: Poets of New Zealand

Author: Lynn Tara Austin
one-way street
magnolia flowers
facing the opposite direction
Author: Jenny Fraser
green acorns
the stamp
of an old ewe
Author: Tony Beyer
late spring gusts
the howl of a wicket appeal
from the local ground
Author: Shirley May
early morning run
her hair swings side to side
fired by the sun
Author: Catherine Mair
drowsy afternoon
a duck’s eyelid
slides up
Author: Helen Yong
camping ground -
the cries
of other people's children
Author: Nola Borrell
rock tuatara
the sun catches a pulse
     in its throat
Author: Catherine Bullock
dry summer –
the kale-field shimmering
with white butterflies
Author: Stephen Bailey
midnight -
my lungs widen
with stars
Author: André Surridge
summer ends
counting the dents
in my cricket bat
Author: Elaine Riddell
end of summer
scarlet stamens in the folds
of my tent
Author: Richard von Sturmer
and the sound
of a shoe being unlaced
Author: Patricia Prime
wet morning
the girl holds back her hair
with her ears
Author: Ernest J. Berry
first prize
a pumpkin-sized hole
in the planet
Author: Anne Curran
a pause
in our conversation —
golden gingko
Author: Aalix Roake
constant rain —
I can smell
the grey of my horse
Author: Catherine Moxham
mountain frost
the rise and fall of a pebble
Author: Marion Moxham
my breath
takes it away
Author: Kirsten Cliff Elliot
biopsy i am my heartbeat
Author: Barbara Strang
his final illness
the shiny corridor
to the exit
Author: Eric Dodson
health centre aquarium
at the bottom
a dead goldfish
Author: Doc Drumheller
behind the window
of the genocide museum
I see my reflection
Author: Moira Cursey
mountain shrine
leaving an offering
of paua shell
Author: Steven Clarkson
a handful
would suffice
mountain stars
Author: Mac Miller
the bishop
moved beside the king
Maori powhiri
Author: Katherine Raine
moving again
three boxes labelled
driftwood etc
Author: Owen Bullock
bus ride
her pigtail
hangs in my notes
Author: Tony Chad
putting on weight 
the one-walk-a-week dog
from Paekakariki
Author: Margaret Beverland
the gun cupboard
the wild in the dog’s eyes
Author: Sandra Simpson
pioneer cemetery
here and there a name
faces heaven
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