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World of Haiku: Poets of Sweden

Author: Johan Bergstad
spring sun		
my boy tells everyone
the same secret
Author: Gunnel Björkström
Arriving train
Snow from all over the country
pasted to the front
Author: Iréne Carlsson
Bought three
for the price of two
needed one
Author: Jan Dunhall
March burial
a bumblebee sucking nectar
from funeral flowers
Author: Sven Enander
The sea at dusk
all the islands pulling
closer together
Author: Kai Falkman
The skier stops
to make room
for the silence of the snow
Author: Lars Granström
Snow melt
green fields growing
on the copper roof
Author: Marianne Humble Nilsson
Afternoon sun,
the ice-skaters shadow
in longer strides
Author: Julia Hägermark
in the hammock we forgot
a snowdrift
Author: Helga Härle
between the echoes
of our voices
our voices
Author: Jörgen Johansson
the plastic flowers
just in case
Author: Eva Jonsby
In my dreams
I drain the sea
fill the brush with blue
Author: Kjell Landås
Summer air
in a beachball
Author: Marcus Larsson
spring wind
I make a wrong turn
just to tease you
Author: Ola Lindberg
soon autumn
I sit on the train
facing backwards
Author: Eleonora Luthander
Melody of wind
written with hot air balloons
on the horizon
Author: William Males
I draw a breath
strike what I had written
in the harbor a gull takes wing
Author: Anna Maris
the rain 
breaks the silence 
between us
Author: Barbro Nilsson
In the bus for handicapped: 
I was born in Bethlehem 
said the driver
Author: Sten Svensson
The Loch Ness Monster!
After the whisky, 
the ripples
Author: Tor Sverredal
Darkness over the snow –
only the foam of waves
makes the sea visible
Author: Tomas Tranströmer
The power lines stretched 
across the kingdom of frost 
north of all music.
Author: Th Vandergrau
autumn leaves
my wife has changed
her ringtone
Author: Lars Vargö
wild geese
the border guards
lower their weapons
Author: Teresa Wennberg
The waterpond mirror
turns my familiar face
into someone else’s
Author: Stig Wetterstrand
Quiet snowfall
the manhole cover found
in another world
Author: Carl-Erik Wiberg
Deep in the woods
far between people
thoughts wander.
Author: Anna Wiik
Northern lights
the pine tops
Author: Augustine Vilén
My aging cat
jumping through the window
Author: Florence Vilén
Sweeping my porch
my broom could never soar
to a Quidditch game
Author: Ulf Åberg
Resting in the dinghy,
along the distant horizon
islands sway
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