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World of Haiku: Poets of Croatia

Author: Rajka Anđelić-Maslovarić
Blossoming lavender.
Yet another sky under
the sky.
Author: Maša Bambić
Pregnant woman
embroidering – swaying 
field of heavy ears
Author: Robert Bebek
even before
the first flakes- fragrance
of snow in the air
Author: Smiljka Bilankov
summer hush
the figs are filled
with sugar
Author: Zlata Bogović
Melted snow
seeing off winter
down the river.
Author: Franko Bušić
The snow
falls relentlessly
over the corpse
Author: Ljubomir Dragović
long dawning
a cabbage neck motionless
in the snow
Author: Anica Gečić
On the steep slope
a salamander slipped-
on a dry leaf
Author: Ana Ivelja
In shallow water
a fish moved into
an empty box.
Author: Alojz Jembrih
A boy.
He is hiding winter
in his pockets.
Author: Ante Juretic
Dead in the fish trap —
the blueness
in the fish’s eye
Author: Vilma Knežević
After the rain
heavy and sunk in the mud    
every snail
Author: Sonja Kokotović
in a puddle
a boy has discovered
a sea of his own
Author: Ivan Kovačević
Mutual understanding:
a tramp and scarecrow
exchange hats.
Author: Ivka Kraljević
At sunset
a cricket’s song
turns on the night.
Author: Ljiljana Lukačević
The heavenly path
disappears on the horizon-
migration of birds
Author: Vesna Lukatela
my gaze follows
the flight of swallows
taking the summer away
Author: Rujana Matuka Šulek
a leather jacket
all drenched with rain
the scent of autumn
Author: Vesna Milan
the sunset
between two hills
a horse and the plowman
Author: Tugomir Orak
With a mulberry bough
burning in the fireplace
my mother’s life
Author: Zvonimir Penović
the picked flowers
in various colours
equally sad
Author: Jasminka Predojević
in a moment
the fog swallowed
the church
Author: Josip Stanić
so gracefully
comets have dived
in the blue depths
Author: Dinko Sule
A mad south wind
it’s raining
the sea became the sea.
Author: Edi Šupljika
meadow flowers
pollen is spread
by a barefoot girl
Author: Ante Tičić
Searching for asparagus
in the hill, I run into
the violets.
Author: Frano Vlatković
In a cold room
A forgotten soldier takes off
His mechanical limbs
Author: Željka Vučinić-Jambrešić
a frog
lifts the pond
on its legs
Author: Mladen Vuković
The sleet.
The snowflakes no longer care
for the game.
Author: Nada Zidar Bogadi
all night
fragrance of the acacia feeds
the homeless
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