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World of Haiku: Poets of Bulgaria

Author: Ludmila Balabanova
clock tower
here the wind
never stops
Author: Ginka Biliarska
Between the winter
and spring. Naked tree
with a single leaf.
Author: Iliana Ilieva
picking apples
more and more light
into emptiness
Author: Tzetzka Ilieva
did I tell you
more than you could bear?
winter hyacinth
Author: Maya Lyubenova
Hiroshima day . . .	
a dandelion clock
at my feet
Author: Diana Petkova
in all directions
Author: Lilia Racheva Dencheva
Like a prayer
the dandelion sinks
in the clouds . . .
Author: Petar Tchouhov
falling leaf
I’m drawing
my family tree
Author: Diana Teneva
waxing moon
all the answers
in a lullaby
Author: Stanka Boneva
half-lit Moon in the sky
I invent stories
about the other half
Author: Vladislav Hristov
I’ve read it so many times
right now
two uncut pages
Author: Lyudmila Hristova
a well-to-do region—
even the scarecrow
is elegantly dressed
Author: Zdravko Karakehayov
the elevator is moving up   kids with balloons inside
Author: Nikolai Kantchev
Death will come in through the vein
expanding in my leg
Author: Ekaterina Kunova
The seconds of the woodpecker
run faster
than the clock’s.
Author: Radka Mindova
end of summer —
the three-leaved clovers
are huge
Author: Raina Sotirova
Coming out of the museum	
I’m wearing
an Ionian smile.
Author: Iliyana Stoyanova
slow dance
heartbeat ahead of	
the rhythm
Author: Edvin Sugarev
Fog over the river
Only bird song
reveals the hidden islands
Author: Margarit Zhekov
The most humane sound—
a flautist
takes a breath
Author: Radostina A. Angelova
bare vineyards . . .
the hill from the childhood
growing down
Author: Plamen Antov
like children
in a museum
Author: Dilyana Georgieva
painting the wall
my son’s first picture
Author: Alexandra Ivoylova
night train’s far whistle.
I’m in the room
with a book on my knees
Author: Antonina Karalambeva
Summer evening
A street light
thickens the dusk
Author: Hristo ke Pella
Maturing slowly
like winter pears—
first raindrops.
Author: Hristina Panjaridis
spring wind
the girl let the freckles
fly up
Author: Dimitar Stefanov
The moon is drawing
silky rustle
from the mulberry tree.	
Author: Minko Tanev
mythical messages
from Atlantis
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