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World of Haiku: Poets of Ireland

Author: Pat Boran
the first drops of rain
striking the limestone shelter
colour again
Author: Buachallán Buí
down below
singing to the darkness,
great whales
Author: David Burleigh
a thousand-page book 
I will surely never read —
the first narcissus
Author: Marion Clarke
turning tide . . .
a barnacle waits
on a limpet
Author: Tony Curtis
a blackbird’s sweet song
lost in the wilderness of hills —
prayer for the dead
Author: Norman Darlington
after the rain:
the river
its weight
Author: Gilles Fabre
even in my pocket,
this morning’s spring wind
Author: Seamus Heaney
Dangerous pavements . . .
But this year I face the ice
with my father’s stick
Author: Patrick Kavanagh
a cry in the wilderness
of meadow
Author: Rita Kelly
bowed heads heavy
after daffodils
spelling the spring
Author: Noel King
house deserted —
rhubarb stumps
in the back garden
Author: Anatoly Kudryavitsky
inside the empty shell, snail’s dreams
Author: Stuart Lane
ancient earthworks —
a raven echoes vanished
war cries
Author: Leo Lavery
I shut the history book
and the shooting
Author: Mark Lonergan
dark wintry sky
geese wedge their way
into the wind
Author: Séan Mac Mathúna
after the storm
fog off the sea
curling into snail shells
Author: Clare McCotter
the fallen foxglove
a slug's soft dream
Author: Joe McFadden
\"Over mountains
mountains\" —
first snow
Author: Sean McWilliams
in spring
the cry of a cuckoo —
someone else’s dream
Author: Giovanni Malito
low tide
the driftwood
Author: Kate Newmann
damp meadowsweet —
horses in mist
up to their oxters
Author: James Norton
light almost gone:
through a swarm of midges
first star
Author: Seán O’Connor
hot sun after rain
wet statue of the Virgin
slightly steams
Author: Dennis O’Driscoll
between pre-natal
and mortuary
the research unit
Author: Padraig Ó Horgain
bunch of weeds
in a famine graveyard —
evening mist settles
Author: Mary O'Keefe
November sunset
a galaxy of crows
quench the twilight
Author: Maeve O'Sullivan
winter fog
over the river
moving with it
Author: Thomas Powell
sun-touched gully . . . 
the wool and bones
of a passing winter
Author: Gabriel Rosenstock
there must be light
where they came from —
chestnut blossoms
Author: John W. Sexton
daffodils rot
in the vase
their shadows bloom
Author: Eileen Sheehan
pauper’s graveyard
only the long grasses
have names
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