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World of Haiku: Poets of France

Author: Jacques Ferlay
To love till drawing blood
How to reciprocate
with the eager mosquito?
Author: Maurice Coyaud
Sunflower seeds
Titmouse on the sill
Autumn morning
Author: Jean Féron
The green lizard
stares at me, sticking out its tongue,
then becomes grass again
Author: Michel-François Lavaur
A lone ideogram
of which I understand nothing
opens a secret Asia.
Author: Jean-Pierre Hanniet
Infinitely beautiful
the slender grasses,
I laid my scythe.
Author: Henri Lachèze
You were just fifteen . . .
Oh! the taste that spring
Of the promising cherries!
Author: Jean-Pierre Poupas
What he remembers
Of his first time with a girl
La petite mord!
Author: Jean Monod
Ten crows outside
yet I have not burned
my old manuscripts
Author: Jacqueline Labarthe
Steaming bowl of tea
I look and I sip —
Light flavour of time.
Author: Georges Friedenkraft
A hoopoe flies up
From below the bracken
A breath of fresh air
Author: Alain Kervern
Dancing elbow to elbow
The hard disk
Of all that we are
Author: Jean Antonini
Work on the page:
ink, white, erasures, copy, words.
Quick, quick, go and pee.
Author: Jean-Louis D’Abrigeon
This rainbow
forgotten here
in the Autumn evening.
Author: Gabriel Legal
Under the blooming cherry tree
Even the maiden
Does not venture
Author: Roland Tixier
sunday tube-station
flowers under plastic
and market products
Author: Pierre Tanguy
They stand in my way
The lovers kissing
In the middle of the bridge
Author: Daniel Py
On the ground of the 
World Trade Centre, the shadows 
of nearby towers
Author: Patrick Blanche
Under a sky
too grey to see a heron fly past
winter stretches
Author: Sam Yada Cannarozzi
rays of sunshine
held fast in a spider's web
end of the season
Author: Pierre Courtaud
Medlars —
looks like frost
five syllables inside
Author: Dominique Chipot
undressed woman —
with a more tactful hand
a billsticker
Author: Yves Gerbal
How are the children?
He asks
Leaving the cemetery
Author: Christophe Rohu
Behind a fence
the garden on a leash
dreams of America
Author: Bruno Hulin
On the frozen ground
a hen hesitates before
putting down the other foot
Author: Pascal Quéro
Christmas night —
the wind waves a white bag
by the roadside
Author: Henri Chevignard
subway crowd —
on this navy blue coat
a grey hair
Author: Gilles Fabre
On the ice       Near
the farmed ones       Salmon
that have seen the world
Author: Emmanuel Hiriart
Light on silver birch
Like a sparrow lost
In cuckoo flowers I cry
Author: Jean-Claude Cesar
While washing the dishes
Suddenly I think of my wife,
Who is bra-less.
Author: Roland Halbert
the air is full of gifts
will you turn into
the patient sample chart of the skies?
Author: Bruno Sourdin
Lying eyes wide open
Back slightly sore
— What do the newspapers say?
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