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World of Haiku: Poets of Australia

Author: Lynette Arden
flood debris
a doll’s limb
pale in the seaweed
Author: John Bird
starless night—
pier lights disappear
into surf noise
Author: Janice M. Bostok
no money for the busker I try not to listen
Author: Dawn Bruce
of old tea roses . . .
faraway moon
Author: Ross Clark
  after the parade
the dragon head off
  still smoking
Author: Lorin Ford
on a bare twig rain beads what light there is
Author: Beverley George
Anzac Day
a baby’s cry fills
our minute’s silence
Author: Matt Hetherington
hung over—
the red eye
of the traffic light
Author: John Knight
five years on
and still I haven’t opened
mother’s suitcases
Author: Peter Macrow
swirling loops
in her letter
her voice
Author: Ron C. Moss
a sliver of moon
the old bluesman
breaks a string
Author: Jacqui Murray
across sun
shower light a reckless
flash of parrots
Author: Gregory Piko
a quiet kind of love
                   autumn crocus
Author: Vanessa Proctor
barbed wire
a magpie teases out
a strand of wool
Author: Lyn Reeves
afternoon beach
the young lovers cast
a single shadow
Author: Duncan Richardson
early and late mourners
compare deaths
Author: Cynthia Rowe
a crab’s pincer wedged
in tangled roots
Author: Katherine Samuelowicz
at the car park
as we say goodbye
a swirl of old papers
Author: Maureen Sexton
passing traffic
the flicker of bees
among grevillea
Author: Rodney Williams
shingle beach . . .
trying out its third couple
a dog lost at dusk
Author: Quendryth Young
a stranger’s blood
on my hand
Author: Graham Nunn
old wallpaper
my daughter reaches
for the butterfly
Author: Dhugal Lindsay
stonefish . . .
the more a thing is thought about
the further it recedes
Author: Christina Kirkpatrick
one drop
from the heron’s foot
splits open the sky
Author: Jeffrey Harpeng
on the coffin lid
our faces
in the clouds
Author: Jan Dobb
the silence both sides of
a kookaburra’s laugh
Author: Alex McKeown
windy morning
my pavement shadow
has some crazy hair
Author: M L Grace
a field of wishes
blows away
Author: Rob Scott
fields of stubble
the sky thick
with stars
Author: David Terelinck
a clatter
of milking pails—
full winter moon
Author: Barbara A Taylor
warmer days . . .
balloon-vine tendrils twist
between the floorboards
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