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Per Diem Archive: I. Stoyanova 2018, New Beginnings

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Every day is a new beginning. We are given the chance to see something new, to hear new sounds, to meet new people, to experience and create new things. There is no such thing as an ending – just a new beginning. The haiku in this selection have been inspired by "new beginnings" – the beginning of a new day or even a new period in life; first love, new love or simply meeting new people or feeling something for the first time; new experiences or a fresh start, having a baby, moving to a new home or even to a new country… 

Author: Don Baird
sultry sunrise... 
along the ant trail 
layers of fog
Author: Sondra J. Byrnes
the tea house —
my heart
Author: Marion Clarke
little sister ... 
a new star
shines tonight
Author: Kirsten Cliff Elliot
spring festival —
in this belly dancer's hips
a new blessing
Author: Neelam Dadhwal
the whiteness of 
my diary's first page
Author: Darina Deneva
new job 
my predecessor's imprint 
still on his chair
Author: Cynthia B. Fraser
the end: a point where
everything begins…inhale
exhale start over
Author: Dilyana Georgieva
larks outsinging
the waterfall
Author: Maria Gyuzeleva
Spring blossom. 
Over the baby's head – 
a halo.
Author: Zornitza Harizanova
First night.
My baby and I
breathe in the same rhythm.
Author: Vincent Hoarau
the little girl
begins a new colouring
- so does the spring
Author: Vladislav Hristov
first wedding night 
coffee boils 
Author: Tzetzka Ilieva
first spring 
in Georgia… how frail 
the snowdrops
Author: Jim Kacian
new moon another chance to make it right
Author: Krzysztof Kokot
first day of school— 
in the almost empty bag 
an apple rolls about
Author: Gregory Longenecker
the first to love 
starts a chorus 
cricket evening
Author: Maya Lyubenova
new haiga... 
my footsteps 
follow the crow's
Author: Radka Mindova
grown-up grandson 
blooming in the old pot 
grandma's geranium
Author: Pepa Odjakova
melting the ice
between us
Author: Hristina Panjaridis
class reunion
my first love
with two grandkids
Author: Stella Pierides
shooting star —
a baby slithers out
of the womb
Author: Sandi Pray
then it's morning
and the marsh becomes
a flock of crows
Author: Kala Ramesh
morning prayers
the rising sun between 
my hands
Author: David Rodrigues
on fresh snow —
a silence links
each footprint
Author: Kyoko Shibata
before its flight
a bird stares straight ahead
chilly afternoon
Author: Petar Tchouhov
cloudy sunrise 
a yellow truck on the road 
carrying the sun
Author: Stephen Bailey
morning prayer ... 
an orchid absorbs 
the sound of bees
Author: Diana Teneva
spring cleaning
replacing old hopes
with new ones
Author: Sheila Windsor
apricot and pink. . . 
a glimpse of tomorrow 
in the clouds
Author: Ema Zhivkova
combing the first snow 
with her eyelashes 
my granddaughter
Author: Robert Kania
the new dog
I'm still calling it
the name of the old one
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