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World of Haiku: Poets of Serbia

Author: Slavko Sedlar
alongside the stream
the poplars hang headlong
into the sky
Author: Srba Mitrovic
a school of fish
scatters suddenly, a cloud
in the summer night
Author: Svetomir Djurbabic
a snowy plain
lit by moonlight
a long whistle of a train
Author: Rajna Begović
at the window
my anger ceases—
blossoming chestnut
Author: Nikola Nilic
the river divides the forest . . .
into two nights
Author: Dragan J. Ristic
cawing crows—
I pull my head deeper
into the jacket
Author: Nebojsa Simin
after the bombing . . .
the remains of the bridge
joined by the fog
Author: Branislav Djordjević
autumn mist 
only the train’s whistle arrives 
at the third platform
Author: Milenko D. Cirovic Ljuticki
nightingale song—
looking for a way home
that no longer exists
Author: Milijan Despotovic
summer shower
intensifies the thud
of sheep legs
Author: Saša Važić
winter evening
a voice greeting a neighbor
sounds like my own
Author: Dusan Mijajlovic Adski
discarded shoe
slowly filled by snow—
a white foot
Author: Bogdanka Stojanovski
a boatman’s voice
along the river for a long time . . .
sultry evening
Author: Verica Zivkovic
cut down forest—
behind a deer’s antlers
waxing moon
Author: Radovan Zivanovic
yellow cluster bomb
dandelion field
Author: Ljubomir Dragović
odors of spring
a young bull’s horns
sharpened by the moon
Author: Ljubinka Tosic
air-raid alarm—
the traffic lights change
for no one
Author: Zoran Raonić
falling leaf . . .
its place filled 
by a star
Author: Jasminka Nadaskic Djordjevic
spring sky—
at the moment of explosion
not a single star
Author: Zoran Doderovic
blind track
along the rusty rails
time travels
Author: Dimitar Anakiev
garden work . . .
talking to each other
back to back
Author: Tatjana Stefanović
dark clouds
feather collectors run
Author: Borivoje Sekulic
the staircase raises us
toward the rainy sky
Author: Aleksandar Obrovski
first buds
swayed by the trains
according to the schedule
Author: Witata (Vitomir Miletić)
a cannon barrel
spring rain
Author: Dejan Bogojevic
faces of wet people
lit by lightning
Author: Damir Janjalija
fleeing the war
through a hole in my shoe
autumn rain
Author: Ljubomir Dragović
spring moon . . .
deeper into the night 
to the very cold
Author: Slavko Sedlar
this house 
visited by my thoughts . . .
a quince blossom falls
Author: Aleksandar Nejgebauer
a cracked 
shell razed by the fruit of . . . 
a wild chestnut
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