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World of Haiku: Poets of Denmark

Author: Ann Mari Urwald
Ideas are swarming
Like life in a primeval sea
Find their slow way up
Author: Arne Herløv Pedersen
Pear blossoms falling
The nightingale’s complaint
Author: Benny Pedersen
My lips on your skin
Tasting yesterday´s dinner
My ginger girlfriend
Author: Birgit Bach
Fluffy dancer-seeds
The Thistledown-company
Is ready to float
Author: Bjarne Kim Pedersen
A bouquet of flowers
white for innocence, red
for love
Author: Bo Lille
the white dove
flies over the battlefield
shitting on the war
Author: Charlotte Blay
Eggs hatching in may
ducklings peeping in the nest
mother fox looming
Author: Charlotte Olden-Jørgensen
World covered in snow
white as my unused papers.
Who is the writer?
Author: Christopher Rumble
Through faded curtains
veiled sunbeams in the rain,
a glint of summer
Author: Hanne Hansen
again and again
the dog swims after the stick
its owner happy
Author: Helge Krarup
sitting waiting
forgotten whom to meet
trees stand naked
Author: Ida Hamre
Landscapes of the shore
slow stories of the stones
response for the moment
Author: Jette Slaaen
The withered leaves
rustle under my feet
the shadow moves silently
Author: Johannes S. H. Bjerg
a word that takes time defoliation
Author: Kate Larsen
Along the railroad
The tall slender goldenrods
In the sunshine rain
Author: Leif Achton-Lynegaard
the singing sea
tempting calling us out
on deep water
Author: Lonni Krause
Falling to the ground
They never really see it
The tree, within me
Author: Mona Larsen
The wind wraps itself
in her silk coat
- endlessly
Author: Niels Kjær
snowflakes dancing
over the bare graves -
the sky is open
Author: Ole Bundgaard
The black sound of storm
in the late astonished evening
after the meltdown
Author: Ole Lillelund
In a special mood
during tropical rainstorm
eye of the typhoon
Author: Per Nielsen
A hedgehog in
Your garden full of flowers
Life is wonderful!
Author: Per-Olof Johansson
On the field for the cows
Blooming clover, I see
The cows only as stones
Author: Pia Valentin Sørensen
The full moon circle
Strikes me with yet another
Tide of gravity
Author: Thorvald Berthelsen
The coot careful
as if tomorrow is sane.
Ripples in a pond
Author: Ulla Conrad
The first summer warmth -
the coot disappears under
the butterbur leaves
Author: Viggo Madsen
I wanted to swim
in the lake but my mouth was
always wide open.
Author: Pia Tafdrup
Waiting time - a
parenthesis that grows a
world away of wonder
Author: Ib Ivar Dahl
The ugly duckling
flying all around the world
while the swan stays here
Author: Lars Mønster
Summer is maturing
in the shade of the figtree
Annual rings grow
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