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World of Haiku: Poets of India

Author: Muzib Mehdy
yard gardenia
for the master and servant
equally its scent
Author: Quamrul Hassan
holiday morning
outside the window
the chicken-seller's call
Author: Ram Krishan ‘Viklesh’
on a dried log
the rain has grown
green moss
Author: Aditya Pratap Singh
bitter cold
wooden deities burn
for the sake of life
Author: Abhay Jayapalan
I open the leaf
that holds my meal
mother’s fragrance
Author: Shameer N P
searching for an address
among skyscrapers
Author: Puja Malushte
at the end of road
your house
Author: Ranjit Singh Sra
rain-washed moon--
the lizard's balanced walk
towards an insect
Author: Gurmukh Bhandohal Raiawal
spreading through the verandah
the scent of basmati
Author: Amarjit Sathi
in the diary
dry flowers
Author: Penna Siva Ramakrishna
lights flash
they discover
I'm alone
Author: A. Thiagarajan
a tulasi plant
on the gypsy's head
Author: Aditya Ashribad
still water . . .
a zebra runs away
from itself
Author: Aditya Behl
subjunctive occasions    Gita’s thickness
Author: Angelee Deodhar
rumors of war
up into a darkening sky—
a child's newsprint kite
Author: Arvinder Kaur
drifting stars . . .
a wish list flutters
in the breeze
Author: Johannes Manjrekar
monsoon sky
the white cow
chews a milk carton
Author: Kala Ramesh
dense fog . . .
    I dream walk
my sense of I
Author: Kashinath Karmakar
deafening rain—
to think it has no sound
of its own
Author: Neelam Dadhwal
on a long way
with me in the dark night
these fireflies
Author: Rohini Gupta
the last red apple
now I feel the cold
Author: Sandip Chauhan
spring solitude...
an alien girl feeds
the sparrows
Author: Sanjuktaa Asopa
that have begun to heal...
purple asters
Author: S. B. Vadivelrajan
temple bell:
      thinking of God
in the midst of yoga
Author: Surbhi Grover
lonely road
she walks with me
wagging her tail
Author: Swaran Singh Nijhar
bustling street . . .
from a graveyard
the smell of roses
Author: Vinay Leo R
ink puddle —
the words that
never were
Author: Baek Sung Hui
starry night
a soft feeling in my hand
of numberless sands
Author: Kayva Kavuri
spring winds
the cats try again
to tidy their fur
Author: Disha Upadhyay
windy morning-
dry leaves fall between
our conversation
Author: Aviral Gupta
bright sunlight
a shadow beside
the shadow of a friend
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