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World of Haiku: Poets of Greece

Author: Issandros Aris
there, in the west,
how many purple memories
of Attica linger
Author: George Seferis
she had no eyes
the snakes she held
ate her hands away
Author: Tasos Corfis
gone for years,
the poplar he planted
is full of birds
Author: Vassos Papapavlou
the cyclamen,
embraced by snow,
is slowly dying
Author: Zisimos Lorentzatos
a diamond cuts
the extreme stillness;
the first nightingale
Author: Danae Stratigopoulou
and I always forgive
since there are sea-gulls
and cyclamens.
Author: H. F. Noyes
I love you this way—
all misty from the rain
in your eyes
Author: Chionis Argyris
you sad hand
hide your lonesomeness
in your pocket.
Author: Nikos Grigoriades
tree foliage,
my hands are cicadas
in your hair
Author: John Caravidas
at all heights,
only your hands have
stronger wings.
Author: Nikos Ladas
stone trees
and a bronze bird
on every branch
Author: George Carandonis
since you’re absent,
summer reminds of
Author: John Theocharides
crazy bird
of spring,
chirping verses
Author: Demetrius Caramvalis
to “bad” or “good”,
a great harvest opens
on the stars
Author: Otto M. Defner
blurred crystals
make things look smaller,
and make me feel like a God
Author: John Tolias
nocturnal fog
is falling onto your body;
I light up shadows
Author: Demosthenes Kerasides
writing a letter,
he stood awhile to see
the full moon
Author: Menis Kaladzopoulos
Sunday morning;
it is as if someone else
entered my new garment
Author: George Vlachos
the spring hail
is washing away
the dust of the road
Author: Athena Carataraki
the sun sword;
you lizard slipped through
the debris
Author: Panayotis Tsoutatos
the lark
sings with us,
mimicking us
Author: Evanthia Georgouli
a sparrow
in the mouth of the statue
counts the hours
Author: Pandelis Hydraeos
in the streets,
I saw unborn people
judging us
Author: Zoe Savina
like an unexpected
leafage, your tongue
encircles me
Author: Spyros Papadimas
at noon,
you have been caught
on a small cloud
Author: Melitas Charis
the psychologist
was very clear:
I leave my nails to grow
Author: Pitsz Galazi
we are forgotten,
the sea constantly narrows
and we run wild
Author: Yula Stamelou
grey clouds hover
over my soul’s island;
it’ll rain again
Author: Panayotis Capodistrias
it’s just fine like this:
with eyes pulled out,
you see internally
Author: Euridice Pericleus-Papadopoulou
a congested,
disorderly wind
turns up
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