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World of Haiku: Poets of Germany

Author: Johannes Ahne
from seven am to two pm
the pumpkin flowers
Author: Winfried Benkel
On long stilts hurriedly
my shadow over the field—
December sun
Author: Wolfgang Beutke
Abandoned lighthouse.
Behind the panes
the salty moon
Author: Tony Böhle
lonely mountains—
I answer the echo
of somebody else
Author: Gerd Börner
visiting hour
between the lips
safety glass
Author: Ralf Bröker
my jeans
too tight
Author: Beate Conrad
to the war memorial
over crumbling steps
rattling oak leaves
Author: Daniel Dölschner
in the skylight
another sky
Author: Bernadette Duncan
the ice has tuned
the stream up
Author: Luise Eilers
bus stop—
the warmth at my back
Author: Roswitha Erler
The waitress
gives the blind man
a special smile
Author: Eckhard Erxleben
music somewhere
the old quadrille stallion
twitches his ears
Author: Ruth Franke
leaves floating
in the sunset light – how hard
to be so light
Author: Jochen Hahn-Klimroth
April shower—
in the hall of the employment office
silence reigns
Author: Monika Hermann
Returning home at night—
from the fur of my cat
the smell of winter.
Author: Ilse Jacobson
in old photos
her smile
Author: Silvia Kempen
fading light
today she knew
who I am
Author: Martina Sylvia Khamphasith
In my parents' house—
the stairs still creaking
in the same place
Author: Elisabeth Kleineheismann
doctor's waiting room
the Buddha statue has been sitting here
for three years now
Author: Matthias Korn
two clouds of breath
become one
Author: Ingrid Kunschke
winter evening
with tiny stitches
the doll's smile returns
Author: Marianne Kunz
November morning.
Ringing bells
go about lifting the fog.
Author: Ramona Linke
morning cool . . .
the archer
draws the silence
Author: Claudia Melchior
Father's video
The wedding vow
Author: Rudi Pfaller
On the carousel
each time around
closer to childhood
Author: Gabriele Reinhard
the empty chair has stopped
Author: Rita Rosen
Sunday afternoon
a concert of coffee spoons
from the balconies
Author: Helga Stania
shopping mile
the empty space
around the beggar
Author: Udo Wenzel
Midday heat—
The shadow of the shepherd
Author: Hannah Wilhelm
polished varnish
the vendor's smile
in the showroom kitchen
Author: Friedrich Winzer
closing time
the day disappears
in the night safe
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