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World of Haiku: Poets of Iran

Author: Sirus Nozari
looked through the pines
passed beyond the sky
Author: Ghodsi Ghazi-noor
our date,
as the sea and the moon . . .
how far, how hazy
Author: Yarta Yaran
among the wheat fields
a woman sits, head on her
knees, lamenting
Author: Abbas Kiyarostami
who assigned
the green berry leaves as
silkworm nurture?
Author: Seyed Ali Salehi
no one but
a woman by the grave...
a butterfly
Author: Kaveh Goharin
no lonely tree
when a butterfly
sits on a leaf
Author: Seyed Ali Mirafzali
night passed
as the dead soldier’s wrap . . .
through the worn window
Author: Sirus Rumi
oh, donna
how hardness heals
my heart wounds
Author: Fariba Arabnia
deep sunset . . .
destined to loneliness,
a barren tree
Author: Majid Jamshidi
spring mist . . .
a raging flood
for ants
Author: Reza Rezanejad Shirazi
sunrise . . .
my marvel of Peru blooms
at sunset
Author: Mahmoud Falaki
this new year,
I paint my room walls . . .
your eye color
Author: Katayun Amuzgar
at night again,
counting the watermelons . . .
idle scarecrow
Author: Hossein Mostafapour
so many robins
that I have frightened . . .
you sprout
Author: Hossein Mostafapour
the mountain, me and
my shadow
Author: Reza Arabi
mountain dusk
a distant town’s lights
turn on
Author: Ehsan Porsa
in Braille . . .
kisses as you close
your eyes
Author: Reza Ashofteh
Buddha’s orange cloak . . .
How luminous it glitters
Under the moon light
Author: Samaneh Hosseini
where does it go
the passing by breeze
first day of spring?
Author: Mehdi Ghanbari
empty graves
filled by the rain, this
first day of spring
Author: Fereshteh Panahi
petunia scent
through the neighbor’s terrace . . .
sulky with me
Author: Abbas Hossein-Nejad
blooming trees
deep in the winter
a robin
Author: Mohammad Hoghughi
she is neither
by the sea nor the sea by her . . .
she’s just a poet
Author: Massih Talebian
a morning glory
covered with spider’s web
one or two fly wings too
Author: Massih Talebian
snow covered peak . . .
Beyond the invisible village
orangish red
Author: Forough Foroutani
autumn night . . .
how glister the teeth
of the stray dog
Author: Ali Beik
first day of school, 
singing for my daughter 
while driving
Author: Kambiz Kakavand
how the day 
is more bright with you
O sunflower
Author: Tirdad Fakhriyeh
evening hail . . . 
remember one by one 
my own sins
Author: Leila Kamkar
in the moonlight, 
stepping on the footprints
gone to the sea
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