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World of Haiku: Poets of Wales

Author: Matt Morden
leaving home
the children’s bubbles
in spring wind
Author: Eloise Williams
Stolen by a naughty wind
the child’s hat
Author: Jan Wigley
Eighteen today
she goes out wearing pink fairy wings
and clutching a wand
Author: Vicky Thomas
Three boxes of vinyls,
a suitcase full of paperbacks;
two lives meet.
Author: John Rowlands
drifting chimney smoke
becomes an October sky
my hair grows grey
Author: Pamela Brown
drifting snow
the old sheepdog
feigns a roll
Author: Tony Conran
An old woman buys snowdrops –
listens, sixty years ago,
to a thrush.
Author: Joan E. James
walking up the hill
we feel for each other –
feeling our age
Author: Ken Jones
Too much grief
quietly I oil and sharpen
the old chainsaw
Author: Chris Torrance
i love saturday night
he said then began
crying into his beer
Author: Nigel Jenkins
from the pub sways
a choir, tied and suited,
on a cloud of aftershave
Author: Stephen Toft
migrating geese –
her scent finally
gone from my pillow
Author: Rick Alden
Half-remembered face ahead –
a sudden shared interest
in cloud formation
Author: Brian White
Lives of the Poets;
immortalised on the page –
a small squashed insect.
Author: Gillian Drake
Yew-shaded tombstone:
On its faint inscription stands
An empty wineglass
Author: Peter Finch
Month after month
On the councillor’s face
A councillor’s mask
Author: Tony Curtis
Rain and the ghosts of rain
conjure the mountain.
Everything will disappear.
Author: Karen Hoy
early dark
the cathedral visible
only as windows
Author: Sarah Coles
Two cups of cold tea
clink together on the nightstand
with each creak of the bed.
Author: Arwyn Evans
in cracked window glass
an unknown face
Author: Jane Whittle
nothing to wake me
after the birds
since you oiled the gate
Author: Robert Drake
the cow’s measuring eye
dismisses me for more
important things
Author: Lynne Rees
our house for sale
the trees we planted sparkle
with this morning’s rain
Author: Hilary Tann
calling home –
the colour of mother’s voice
before her words
Author: Alan Kellermann
She waits with me
at the crossing – the light
Author: Marc Evans
Aber’s first roundabout
The whole world turns
Differently now
Author: Marion Carlisle
Hay’s almost in—
Summer’s too short here
for romance
Author: Caroline Gourlay
all those things
I wish now I’d asked you
snow falling
Author: Humberto Gatica
she moves out
filling the empty room
spring light
Author: Noragh Jones
Laughter among the graves
‘the days of man are as grass’
but today’s a picnic
Author: Rhys Owain Williams
sharing a grave:
two strangers (her husbands)
waiting for her
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