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Per Diem Archive: M. A. Walker October 2014, Sounds of Music

Sounds of Music

Why do we like music? Studies have concluded that music has therapeutic value; it touches us emotionally. Music flows from our alarm clocks to wake us, it fills our cars as we drive, it gives us chills, it makes us cry, it makes us want to dance, and it comforts us. And finally, what would a candlelight dinner be without a romantic song?

From the ice cream truck to the opera, from Beethoven to the Beatles, from hymns to honky-tonk, and much more, Per Diem poets share the beauty of music in our daily lives in this collection of personal, amusing and heartfelt experiences. It has been my pleasure assembling this haiku concert. I hope you, as Per Diem readers, will savor the songs!

Author: Ron C. Moss
crescent moon
a bone carver sings
to his ancestor
Author: Sandra Simpson
hot night
at the filling station
songs of love
Author: John Barlow
the piano hammers
barely moving...
night snow
Author: Alexis K. Rotella
Sinking deep
into winter
the blues singer's voice
Author: Kala Ramesh
spring breeze --
         I catch the tune
she leaves behind
Author: Mark E. Brager
settling on the white blossoms Taps
Author: Kathy Lippard Cobb
tangled trees--
the jazz singer touches
my pain
Author: Gary Hotham
music two centuries old--
the color flows
out of the tea bag
Author: Roberta Beary
third blizzard --
the untuned piano's
middle C
Author: Dejah Leger
Chinese opera
her voice inside
my teacup
Author: Curtis Dunlap
70th birthday --
gazing across the field, she hums
a Beatles' tune
Author: Mike W. Blottenberger
summer breeze
children chase the music
of an ice cream truck
Author: John McManus
country church
the bleating of sheep
between hymns
Author: Michael McClintock
starless night...
from the barroom a love song
about red lips
Author: Origa
tantric music
raindrops slide upward
on the windshield
Author: Laurence Stacey
AM jazz
the phone line rocking
with crows
Author: Raffael de Gruttola
violin player
the shape of the sound
in her arms
Author: Robert Moyer
Saturday night jazz singer just off beat just right
Author: Billie Wilson
winter wind--
a cradle song sung
in an ancient tongue
Author: Janelle Barrera
our cab ride
one love song long--
spring moon
Author: Marili Deandrea
midday moon
the deaf child caresses
the grand piano
Author: Max Verhart
sax solo
of his eyes
only the white
Author: Terri L. French
taiko performance
a bit of funk in the
drummers' steps
Author: Charles Trumbull
Shakuhachi concert
the man who slept through it
claps too
Author: Francine Banwarth
the fiddler's bow
Author: Bob Lucky
tuning the cello
finches turn their heads
this way and that
Author: Michael Henry Lee
three chord progression
wrens pick it up the grackles
lay it down
Author: Tom Painting
slow dance
the thin fabric
between us
Author: Lane Parker
evening breeze
something close to Mozart
in the chimes
Author: David G. Lanoue
O Holy Night
the burglar's footprints
in snow
Author: Peggy Willis Lyles
Beethoven's Ninth
raindrops bounce
from cobblestones
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