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Per Diem Archive: C. Colón May 2014, Memorials

MEMORIALS - a collection celebrating the lives of 32 haiku poets who have gone before us. If we are lucky, we are able to gather only once every year or two with haiku poets outside our tiny communities. Occasionally, we may have just one opportunity to meet a poet we have long admired. Despite the short time we get to spend with our haiku friends, we develop deep connections with them and feel an intense loss when they are no longer among us.

Author: Jeanne Jorgensen
incense drifts
during High Mass
         someone's sneeze blessed
Author: Kris Kondo
hydrangea rain...
will I see you again
in my dreams?
Author: Karma Tenzing Wangchuk
Spring Moon —
this year, one more star
in the Milky Way
Author: Michael Dylan Welch
after the brushstroke,
his head stays tilted
to a sun-dappled sumi-e
Author: Patricia Prime
my friend’s death day
tea drunk from a galah mug
she gave me

Author: Roberta Beary
his death notice. . .
the get-well card
still in my briefcase
Author: Patricia Prime
intrepid hiker
he strides away to climb
the Snout
Author: Brenda Gannam
on the last page
of her last book
the setting sun
Author: Carolyn Hall
lowering sun—
with a turn of my head
the finches fly away
Author: Johnny Baranski
where have you flown off to
first frost
Author: Penny Harter
how brittle
the spine of the blue feather
found in his book
Author: Ellen Abbie Compton-Tejera
      voice of a dark thrush
lingers in the cedars
                               Nikko in mist
Author: Ferris Gilli
feathers in the fire …
a cardinal’s song
between thunderclaps
Author: Christopher Herold
sundown . . .
the mason jars
empty again
Author: Paul David Mena
news of her death—

winter moon descending
beyond the trees
Author: Robert Gilliland
swallowtail . . .
    weeds in bloom
        about St. Francis
Author: Howard Lee Kilby
near a white stone
a bonsai garden
in their memory
Author: Max Verhart
funeral service
behind the high church windows
a mast passes by
Author: Paul W. MacNeil
sweet magnolia
Spanish moss leans
with the breeze
Author: Michael Dylan Welch
for her this spring
the greengoing woods
still greening
Author: Marian Olson
I never knew
you loved dahlias
Author: Raffael de Gruttola

waters a blush

of spring flowers
Author: Patricia A. Laster
no longer hearsay
finally official
death notice of Rengé
Author: Marlene Mountain
the long autumn and no letter from raymond
Author: Margaret Chula
finally united
with your snow leopard
flutter of prayer flags
Author: Robert Gilliland
Ripples spreading out . . .
     now only moonlight remains
           on the turtle stone
Author: Brenda Gannam
at the pearly gates
st. peter says with a wink:
"not quite"
Author: Terry Ann Carter
remembering her face
in the face
of the swan
Author: Paul O. Williams
gone from the woods
the bird I knew
by song alone
Author: Raffael de Gruttola
holding the sea shell
next to my ear
his voice from afar
Author: Margaret Chula
first snowflakes
drinking mulled wine
with a cat in her lap
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