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Per Diem Archive: R. Bröker March 2014, Blue Riband

Blue Riband of the Atlantic

The Blue Riband is an unofficial prize given to the passenger liner with the fastest Atlantic crossing. I was looking for haiku and haijin with a maritime or transatlantic background.

Author: Heike Stehr
winter faces
on the beach
frozen waves
Author: Horst Ludwig
The moon is somewhere
rising through the snowy night,
the Nibelung's ring.
Author: Helga Stania
boundary stones
on the old battlefield
melting snow
Author: Ion Codrescu
frosty evening --
the smell of a book
just arrived
Author: Dietmar Tauchner
stella maris
a myriad of lives
in my mind
Author: Max Verhart
wistfulness -
not even a message
in a bottle
Author: Melissa Allen
shipping containers
stacked up on the horizon
hollow cries of gulls
Author: René Possél
waves at the shore
telling excitedly
from distant ships
Author: Johannes S. H. Bjerg
watched by a satellite
I carry Ben Webster
in my pocket
Author: Alan Summers
morning star
a can of cherry cola
starts to fizz
Author: Gillena Cox
Author: David Serjeant
humpbacks -
the depths
we float on
Author: George Swede
summer dawn
an empty wheelchair at
the ocean's edge
Author: Bill Kenney
first date
she praises the wrong
Romanian film
Author: Sheila Windsor
if i spin this globe faster we merge youandi
Author: Klaus-Dieter Wirth
Circle by circle described
by the beam of the beacon.
Pale the full moon.
Author: Ramona Linke
Travelling alone ...
beyond the early fog
the sound of Qi
Author: Krzysztof Kokot
knock on the door –
from this and other side
question marks
Author: Simone K. Busch
vapour trails
the span between homeland
and home
Author: Sam Yada Cannarozzi
only 4 tulips
planted in a little pot
all Holland is there!
Author: David G. Lanoue
from a friend far away
express mailed
Author: Silvia Kempen
Flying seagull --
a boy
pulling the line
Author: John McDonald
passing butterfly...
just heard
some jazz
Author: Beate Conrad
Waving their farewell
twigs with cherry blossoms
departing pilots
Author: Angelika Wienert
sea breeze --
the fur hat hides
my grey hair
Author: Werner Reichhold
orphaned honey
tongue on a journey's
licking lips
Author: Pravat Kumar Padhy
distant waves
the sound creates
my own ocean
Author: Gabriele Hartmann
oak leaves
at the soldier's grave
a stranger's salutation
Author: Polona Oblak
the other end of the war fat man
Author: Udo Wenzel
carry the moonlight
across backwater
Author: Heike Gewi
gangway --
a ladies' walk-off
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