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Per Diem Archive: M. McClintock December 2013, Mountains


There is probably no landform in the world that has more legend and lore attributed to it; it is found everywhere in the arts and literature of the world, and that includes haiku---the home, redoubt, and inspiration for poets and prophets, holy men and bandits.

Author: Yvonne Hardenbrook
        mountain hike
we drink from the beginning
        of a great river
Author: an'ya
night of stars
all along the precipice
goat bells ring
Author: Christopher Patchel
how I linger
at the summit . . .
autumn colors
Author: Chad Lee Robinson
prairie stream --
what I know about mountains
in these stones
Author: Dee Evetts
in the mountains
divorce papers
delivered by hand
Author: Patrick Sweeney
thirty years of this
thirty years of that . . .
the blue-green mountains
Author: John Wills
winter mountains . . .
an old friend disappears
into the mist
Author: Garry Gay
into the clouds
the view within
Author: Allan Burns
the old preacher
walking by the mountains
head down
Author: Philip Rowland
first coolness . . .
   for a moment
       I see it without a name:
          Mt. Fuji
Author: Gilles Fabre
mountain sunset --
among pine
one red-leafed tree
Author: Gary Hotham
to overtake --
the mountain path
Author: an'ya
mountain air
a caterpillar reaches
the twig's end
Author: Charles B. Dickson
mountain pool
in its clarity small stones
and the flash of minnows
Author: H. F. Noyes
just sitting here
spring about to burst
from the mountain laurel
Author: Alexis K. Rotella
Wavering down
        the mountain pass
                a yodel
Author: Wally Swist
my problems forgotten --
a path through the pines
up the mountain
Author: Peter Yovu
mountain moonrise
the sound I didn't know
I had in me
Author: Foster Jewell
   By my burro's ears,
seeing even after dark
   how the mountain nears.
Author: Rich Krivcher
dust from the mountains --
a rainbow rises
on carwash mist
Author: O Southard
The first lights come on . . .
  above the eastern mountains
      a glimmer of stars
Author: Elizabeth Searle Lamb
the elk herd
moving down the ridge
-- an early snow
Author: Robert Clayton Spiess
A light river wind;
     on the crannied cliff
        hang harebell and fern
Author: Marian Olson
sun boils
over the mesa
a cholla bud opens red
Author: Martin Lucas
summer alp summit
the raven's croak ebbs
into the vastness
Author: Kirsty Karkow
mountain pass
we rebuild the cairn
to fit the wind
Author: James William Hackett
Nothing but mountains . . .
and yet with every wind,
the smell of the sea.
Author: Christopher Herold
just a minnowó
the granite mountain wobbles
on the lake
Author: John Barlow
the barnacled flukes
of migrating whales . . .
mountains lost in haze
Author: Maria Steyn
noonday heat
the mountains recede
in pale blue
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