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Per Diem Archive: S. Carter November 2013, Naked Haiku

Haiku taken from Haibun — Haiku removed from its original haibun context to stand alone.

The question, “If haiku attached to haibun can stand alone, is the prose really necessary?” is a good one. Equally valid: “Shouldn’t haibun and haiku be one inseparable unit?” Lost in the shuffle is a third question: If the haiku ”orphaned or not gives pleasure, what does it matter?” For me, that’s where the defense of independent haiku rests.

Author: Linda Jeannette Ward
pausing over twin washboards
a migrant wife’s eyes
lifted to the moon
Author: Graham High
wind along the beach
an abandoned shoe
slowly fills with sand
Author: Jeffrey Winke
new home 
the junk store lamp
looks trendy
Author: Larry Kimmel
war and the rumors
   of war – still the routine
       of bee and clover
Author: Jerry Kilbride
  favorite old song:
young again if only
    for a moment
Author: Marian Olson
roadside chiles—
bagging my order the man
invites me to live here
Author: Muriel Ford
a crowded café
stock market quotations
mouthed by loud men
Author: Adelaide B. Shaw
gently falling snow—
a child whispers to Kris Kringle
and holds out his hand
Author: Ana Cagnoni
letting old memories
Author: Roberta Beary
pocket change
my son’s birth year
on a penny
Author: Johnny Baranski
ghost town jail—
from the desert heat
there is no escape
Author: Yvonne Cabalona
the shape of autumn
       in the wind
Author: George G. Dorsty
old stories—
helping grandmother
rewind her yarn
Author: Kathe L. Palka
October moon—
a werewolf kisses
Author: Dr. Ignatius Fay
nursing home
an unfinished mitten
still on the needles
Author: Anthony J. Pupello
crisis center:
toddler clutches
a fistful of fist
Author: Tom Clausen
sleeping in . . .
that big white cloud
out the window
Author: Thomas Michael Tico
Pure spring water:
without taking a drink
my thirst is quenched
Author: Jim Kacian
a mockingbird changes
its song
Author: Larry Kimmel
getting up
the nerve to find out—
electric fence
Author: Michael McClintock
i burp onions—
the long night
of winter
Author: John Stevenson
winter wedding
a church not chosen
for its looks
Author: Liz Fenn
they never worry
where to park around the church
—city songbirds
Author: Mike Montreuil
August evening—
summer turns to fall
with the leaves
Author: Cricket (Chris Faiers)
      sheep grazing
among gravestones
Author: Roberta Beary
summer’s end
a neighbour’s tree
divides the moon
Author: Adelaide B. Shaw
the gentle way
you touch my hand
Author: Marjorie Buettner
almost winter
the loneliness
of a waning moon
Author: Jerry Kilbride
an empty hearse passes
the lily pond
Author: Jeffrey Winke
closing time
bartender collects empties
filled with stories
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