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Per Diem Archive: R. Moss June 2013, Colour My World

Colour My World: Haiku that transport us directly to the moment through visual pathways. 

From the early beginnings Master Basho tantalized us with “The voices of ducks being faintly white” and Buson gave us inquisitively painted works in both images and words. They helped us to experience the world through the senses with the simple use of colour, both stated and implied. Many contemporary haiku poets continue to use this time honored technique to evoke layers of vibrancy that only colour can bring. I offer this month’s collection with the hope that the reader will discover the broad scope of what can be achieved using the spectrum and may it inspire, and enrich their writing.

Author: Allan Burns
distant virga
the ranch dog’s eyes
different colors
Author: Kala Ramesh
painting class
the children color each other
into laughter
Author: Robert Epstein
indigo night
in the cricket's song
no birth no death
Author: Merrill Ann Gonzales
slicing red peppers—
the secret
I can’t tell
Author: Lyn Reeves
on the blank page
the stumbling bee inscribes
a message in gold
Author: Ferris Gilli
milky scent
of the calf’s breath—
morning moon
Author: Carolyn Hall
produce stand
so many shapes
of orange
Author: Lorin Ford
a silver hair
woven into the nest
winter light
Author: Susan Antolin
cranberry stains—
the kids ask why
my parents divorced
Author: Carole MacRury
spring tea—
through bone china
her thin hand
Author: Sandra Simpson
asking a nurse
for a lollipop—
the taste of yellow
Author: Alice Frampton
fog all day
the whiteness
in my ears
Author: Kirsty Karkow
spring landscape
a watercolorist's brush
tints the stream
Author: André Surridge
lavender stalk
the weight of one
white butterfly
Author: Cyril Childs
a darker red
now the sun’s gone
Author: Christopher Herold
cherry petals
a child adds a handful
to the busker’s cup
Author: Susan Constable
amber light
the time it takes
a leaf to fall
Author: Quendryth Young
sunburst . . .
bits of river
through the mangroves
Author: Matthew Paul
the bonfire embers
smouldering on to sundown
honking geese
Author: Patricia Prime
wedding over
yellow tulips remain
on the breakfast table
Author: Mary Lee McClure
evening star—
fold upon fold
the quiet blue hills
Author: Gregory Piko
shiny red apples
the painter introduces
a caterpillar
Author: Beverley George
after the storm—
furled hibiscus
Author: Jennie Townsend
Indian Summer
blueberries burst
in the batter
Author: an'ya
pink horizon
as wide as the tulip
can open
Author: John Bird
opening the drapes—
         the underbelly
          of a frog
Author: Billie Wilson
sun tea darkens—
bees in the hollyhocks
all afternoon
Author: Bob Lucky
the ripest pomegranate
too high to reach
Author: Paul W. MacNeil
autumn-blue sky
a damselfly joins
my boat ride
Author: Ross Coward
almost winter
the press of grape leaf on grape leaf
how red!
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